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The Democrat-Socialists will turn the US Supreme Court into a checkmark and a mere act of illusion, for them. By packing the Supreme Court, they will be able to whittle away, at the checks and balances, which the U.S. Constitution provides. The Democrat-Socialists would be assured that anything that goes before the defiled Supreme Court would be supported and ruled constitutional, in their favor, because they will have stacked the court, with their own people, who have their own views. The Democrat-Socialists will never allow anybody to be on the Supreme Court, who would disagree, with them, in any manner, ever again.

It is imperative that we stop this literal constitutional homicide. If the Democrat-Socialists, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and especially, if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris become President and Vice President of the United States, the constitutional republic will effectively exist no more. We will have become a nation ruled by one party, and the US Constitution will become a meagre relic lying in state, in the Library of Congress, under a thick pane of glass. It will be there for onlookers to behold and speculate about a bygone era, of a much freer and better day.

We have often accurately heard about what the Democrat-Socialists want to do, if they achieve the White house, and get majorities, in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Some of the radical and freedom-ending actions that would be almost immediately taken, by the Democrat-Socialists would be:

  • Packing the Court
  • Ending the Electoral College
  • Ending the Filibuster
  • Ending the 60-vote requirement for passing legislation
  • Adding Washington DC and Puerto Rico as states to gain a perpetual majority in Congress.


Though, it is good and important to tell the people what the radical Democrat-Socialists will do, in the event of a Joe Biden and Kamala Harris victory. Yet, we also must explain to the American people why these radical Socialist actions are so dangerous and deadly, to the lives of the American people and to the United States, as a free and fair Constitutional Republic.

I will explain what a victorious Democrat- Socialist Party will do to shred the U.S. Constitution. I will also clarify why their actions will be so disastrous to the nation and its constitution. We need to have a clear understanding of how the Democrat-Socialists’ agenda will destroy America, as it was prescribed to be, by our Founding Fathers and what the American people agreed to, when we ratified the U.S. Constitution, as the law of the land.

Our constitutional system of checks and balances and the co-equal branches of government are literally facing certain collapse, if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and the Democrat-Socialist take power, in the November 3rd election. These are severe supremely important constitutional issues.




“You will not know my opinion until the election’s over. It’s a great question for you all, and I don’t blame you for asking. But, you know the moment I answer that question the headline and every one of your papers will be about that other than focusing on what’s happening now.”


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris refuse to give the American people an answer as to whether or not they will pack the court, until after the election. This is very similar to what Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi said before passing the Affordable Health Care bill (Obamacare). She said we could not know what was in it until they passed it. This is outright scandalous and ought to cause every single person, in America, who cherishes their freedom and our rights that are protected in the U.S. Constitution, to refuse to cast a single vote for them or any Democrat-Socialist, until we know what they plan to do.


Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’ conceit is stunning. They seem to believe that the American people will simply roll over and play dead, in the face of the Democrat-Socialists’ sheer lack of truthfulness and their complete absence of transparency. Chuck Schumer has already said that everything is on the table. The American people should take the Democrat-Socialist Senate Majority Leader, at his word.

Every Democrat-Socialist is fundamentally arrogant, in their attitude about destroying the American Constitutional Court System. In the history of the republic, we have never been confronted with such a ruthless disregard for the rule of law or for the American people. We are witnessing a concerted scheme to destroy the separation of powers and the co-equal constitutional power of the three branches of government, the legislative, the executive and the judicial, as prescribed, in the U.S. Constitution.  

For example, if the Democrat-Socialists pack the Supreme Court, with additional justices, who align with their political philosophy, their hand-picked justices would write the laws and determine the constitutionality of laws in question and would rule by judicial Fiat. There is every reason why such a travesty of the U.S. System of Law should give grave concern, to all of us, who believe in the U.S. Constitution. It is liberty in Socialist snipers’ crosshairs.

It is clear how Biden would lead this country down a very alarming and treacherous path, where unelected lifetime and unaccountable judges would determine anything and everything, as they want to determine it. It will condemn us, who are alive today, and will condemn our posterity to outright tyranny, for, at least, the next one hundred years, to put it mildly.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris know that if they tell us the truth, the American people will reject them, out of hand. In fact, it is impossible to believe anything they say, since they are controlled by Socialists, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, the Socialist squad and by the radical Democrat-Socialist Party.

In her debate, with Vice President Mike Pence, Senator Kamala Harris was not prepared to answer the most important question of the evening and of this election, which was about whether a Biden/Harris Administration would pack the Supreme Court.

Let me state my agreement with Vice President Pence’s reply to Kamala Harris’ non-answer. For the record, if Joe Biden is elected President of the United States, and if the Democrats control the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, they will add, at least, six liberal justices to the Supreme Court.

The Democrat-Socialists will get them confirmed too, if they are given control of the Senate. Other Justices will not have to die or retire. The Democrat-Socialist-controlled house and senate will simply add them.

Therefore, there will no longer be a neutral judicial body ruling, on the constitutionality of future Socialist-based laws. It will become a thoroughly political body that will rule on the constitutionality of laws based totally on politics and not law.

Thus, all of our rights and all the Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, such as the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, and so forth, will no longer be interpreted according to the Constitution, as the singular and final definitive standard. The rulings that will be handed down will follow the particular winds of political doctrine that are blowing, at that moment in time.

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