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Mayflower Church Finally Lands on U.S. Soil – ‘3 Years’ In The Making


After a harrowing escape from Thailand, the Chinese refugees known as the Mayflower Church finally stepped foot on American soil …

Chinese Spy Balloon Gathered Data From Military Sites


The Chinese spy balloon that flew across the U.S. was able to gather intelligence. What kind of intelligence did the balloon gather? Let’s pray

Flynn/Clark – The People Are Waking Up, They See The Evil, Now Is The Time To Take Back The Country


(PODCAST) General Flynn and Clay Clark are welcomed by Patriot X22 Report in the following audio interview. Clay will … Listen Here!

Suddenly It’s October 4, 1955 All Over Again … Is Your Bomb Shelter Ready?


UPDATE: Dutchsinse just announced the Balloon has slowed down within 60 miles of his location, in central Missouri. Ground Zero bullseye …

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BREAKING: Trump Says ‘Shoot down the balloon!’ … National Security Risk


“You shoot down the balloon and launch bombers from Guam that’s what you do when the homeland is threatened.”

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