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Navigating the Tumultuous Border: Butterfly’s Mission Against Human Trafficking & Open Border Policies


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Veterans on Patrol helps stop human trafficking on the southern border where there is a MAJOR CRISIS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!

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In our latest episode of EA Truth Radio, host Andrew “Andy” Shecktor welcomes the indefatigable Butterfly, a devoted border protector and beacon of hope for those victimized by human trafficking and misguided open border policies. Join us as Butterfly shares her harrowing experiences and updates from the front lines, where she and her team from Veterans on Patrol and Walking for the Forgotten Ministries tirelessly work to safeguard the vulnerable, especially children, against the scourge of trafficking.

As Butterfly exposes the harsh realities faced by immigrants at the hands of the cartel, government agencies, and organizations like the Samaritans and No More Deaths, we’re given a glimpse into the complex and often dangerous dynamics of border crossings. From the indiscriminate vaccinations of children to the manipulation of immigrants as political pawns, Butterfly’s accounts shed light on the dire consequences of open borders and the urgent need for intervention.

This episode is a testament to the power of faith and action, as Butterfly and her team provide not only physical necessities but also spiritual support, sharing the gospel and offering a beacon of hope amidst the chaos. Yet, the battle is far from over, with the need for more boots on the ground and resources to fuel their mission.

Listeners are called to action: whether it’s through prayer, donations, or volunteering, every effort counts in the fight against human trafficking and the protection of human dignity. Discover how you can be part of this critical mission and stand with Butterfly as she confronts the challenges head-on, armed with unwavering faith and the determination to make a difference.

For those moved to support or join the efforts, reach out directly to Butterfly at 509-263-4612 or via email at [email protected]. It’s time to rally behind this cause and contribute to a safer, more just world for all.

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“He does everything to destroy the situation. That’s what the regime is doing right, destroy America, destroy human lives, use people as weapons, start wars, have us fighting against each other.”

“We make sure they have bibles with information that they’re taken care of. Food, water, clothes. Just, um, like I said, their needs are taken care of.”

“These people don’t realize when the cartels tearing their villages and towns down and they’re running towards the open borders that they might as well be on a train going to Auschwitz.”

“We are against open borders. We are against terrorists, criminals, and horrible people coming through. We’re against human trafficking, but the borders are open, and that’s happening.”

“I can be down to my last blueberry and somebody’s going to show up with groceries. Sometimes people just walk up and say, here’s $50. And I’m like, well, I’m not even down the border. And they’re like, God told me to give it to you.”

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You can contact BUTTERFLY for any reason especially if it’s regarding someone in need of assistance:

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