LIVE (EA) Eternal Affairs TRUTH Radio Shows Streamed Here …

Truth Live: (EA) Eternal Affairs TRUTH Radio Shows Streamed Here


We have 3 weekly radio shows:

1. We Are The News Now w/ 911 Truther Dan “The Man” Hennen on Monday


2. POLITICALLY INCORRECT w/ Trump Delegate Andrew “Andy” Shecktor on Thursday @ 9pm Central

POLITICALLY INCORRECT-andrew-andy-shecktor-eatruthradio-2022-podcast-youtube-cover-art

3. Mars Bar with Recovering Californian & Former San Diegan Traffic Reporter Marsi Latimer on Sunday @ 3pm Central


You can now TUNE IN LIVE right here on our website (Bookmark this page & come back at the scheduled times listed above):

However all of our shows are also recorded & archived as well as syndicated to all major digital platforms! The last published/archived episode is what you can find embedded in the Header of our site.

PLEASE JOIN US EVERY SUN, MON, & THURS!  We’re praying for each & every one of our listeners during these biblical end times! Restitution is Coming in 2022!!!

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