YES! The American People Deserve to Know What Biden & Harris Will Do to The U.S. Constitution



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If we elect the Democrat-Socialists and allow them to pack the court, there will no longer be private ownership of guns. The 2nd Amendment will simply go away. The wording of the 2nd Amendment says gun ownership is based on maintaining a well-regulated militia. A packed Socialist politicized Supreme Court would determine that this does not apply to private citizens.

The packed Supreme Court will rule that a militia is a government entity. Tyranny has not disappeared, my American Brothers and sisters. It is alive and well and at war with liberty, today in the United States of America through the Democrat-Socialist Party. These tyrannical terrorists will be empowered, through the Marxism of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Refuse Fascism and many other Democrat-Socialist-allied left-wing organizations. Biden won’t stand up against Kamala Harris, AOC, Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden is nothing but a puppet, of the far left.

It is all happening now. Joe Biden will not protect your constitutional rights on any level. Only President Trump will protect you. Whether you like Donald Trump’s personality or not, only President Trump will stand up for you? No one, in the world of the Democrat-Socialist Party; not Joe Biden; not Kamala Harris, will defend your rights. In fact, it is Joe Biden’s intention to take your rights away. Cancel culture is being driven by the Democrat-Socialists, and it is all about taking private property away from you.

Venezuela packed their Supreme Court, under the Socialist Party of Hugo Chavez. By doing so, they created nothing less than a circus that became a rubber stamp for the Socialist Revolution in Venezuela. If Joe Biden and the Democrat-Socialists win this election, welcome to the North American Venezuela.



The Democrat-Socialist are also threatening to do away with the Electoral College, if they gain a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

Many left-wing politicians have very openly complained that the Electoral College needs to be abolished. They say that it is imperative to take a look at the whole Electoral College, with the goal of eliminating the institution, which they say is unfair.

It is easy, at first glance, without a clear understanding, of the real purpose and need of the Electoral College, to determine that it is unfair. It is understandable that such calls of elimination by some who do not know the reasons and the practices of the Electoral College. Presidents have taken office, who won in the Electoral College but lost the popular vote. This is confusing to many and has led several to call for the abolition of the Electoral College.

It is clear that the plan of the left to eliminate the Electoral College have been very effectively presented to the American people. Yet, the reasons why it must be preserved, and why it is needed, have not been adequately argued to the nation, on either side of the political spectrum.

Therefore, I want to explain, to you, why about the Electoral College remains essential. It is very important to explain why the President and Vice President of the United States are not chosen by a nationwide popular vote of the American people but, instead through the Electoral College’s 538 electors.

Why didn’t the founders make the election process simple and just allow the Chief executive to be elected with a majority of the people’s votes? Why did they create it, and why do we continue to need this institution of the electoral college? The answer is vital to understanding, not only the electoral college, itself, but also the natural makeup of America.


The Founding Fathers never had any objective of creating a pure democracy that was based on majority rule. They knew, from careful study of history, that pure democracies do not work. They fall apart because a purely democratic majority can easily oppress the rest of the country. 


One description of pure democracy that has noted is that of two wolves and a lamb that vote on which one will be dinner for the other two. The founders wanted to avoid this potentially tyrannical system of government.

As a result, the founders gave us, and the American people accepted a government made up of three branches of government, the executive, legislative and judicial. They struck a delicate balance that could prevent the tyrannical abuses that exist in a pure democracy.


A bicameral legislature has legislators in two or more distinct chambers, as opposed to unicameralism, in which all members deliberate and vote as a single group, which is a common feature of pure democracy.

Consequentially, America’s constitution provided for a senate, in which each state has two senators, no matter how large or small its population is and a house of representatives, in which each states number of representatives is based entirely on population. This is why a super majority is required, in Congress and three-quarters of the states are needed to change the Constitution. This is also why the Electoral College exists and why it is so important.

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