Antifa Truth – A Legacy of International Terror – Expose’


Antifa Truth – A Legacy of International Terror – Expose’

by Dr. Steven Clark Bradley PHD | Contributor | Eternal Affairs Media


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As enormous protests, after the heinous death of George Floyd,continue to assault the United States, President Donald J. Trump announced, on Sunday, that he intended to go on the offensive, against the far-left group, Antifa. In his address to the nation, President Trump, very appropriately, declared that, “The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist organization.” President Trump has correctly labeled Antifa as a terrorist group, in the past, and he was right then too. President Trump is not alone in his condemnation of Antifa. Other conservative politicians have also criticized the group, of whom, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has spoken out forcefully against the fascist-anti-fascist group dedicated to mayhem.

One should be shocked, by the response from the Democrat-Socialist Party. However, quite predictably, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the rest of Antifa’s fellow domestic terrorists, in the radical Democrat Party, accused President Trump of fomenting division because he intends to end the possibly fatal riots being perpetrated by Antifa’s thugs, by any means necessary.

ANTIFA: The Terrorist Group


Antifa’s militancy was on full display last June, in 2019, in Portland, Oregon, when Antifa fought with a right-wing group called ‘Proud Boys’. The violence left members, of both sides, attacked and seriously injured, with a conservative journalist hospitalized for his conservative views.

Though it may be true that President Trump does not have the authority to declare Antifa as a ‘domestic’ terrorist group, it is clear that this radically militant group is more than just an American phenomenon. Consequently, that the right approach is to declare Antifa as an ‘international’ militant enemy combatant group, against the United States of America.

Antifa is actually an international movement, which has been around, for several decades. Though accounts differ, on Antifa’s exact origin, Merriam-Webster reveals that Antifa’s organizational presence goes back as far as in Nazi Germany. Records are available that describe the German term ‘antifaschistische’, which means, ‘anti-fascist’, and organized Antifa, as front organization that was formed by the German Communist Party, in 1932, to oppose Nazism. So, from its origin, Antifa has been a radical Marxist militant political group that sought to counter an opposing radical militant political group, called the Nazis. Explicitly, Antifa has had an international presence, in numerous European countries, for decades. Antifa came into view, in the United States, only in recent years.

Antifa does not have an official organizational body, neither do they have clearly defined goals, except one; the destruction of the government of the United States of America. Antifa’s seeming lack of organization is one argument that opponents of the designation of Antifa, as a domestic terrorist organization, employ to state that President Trump has no authority to declare them as domestic terrorists. Nevertheless, it is clear that disconnected Antifa groups have the same goals, the same intentions, the same purpose and desire the same outcomes. It is also clear that Antifa is not as disorganized and dysfunctional as they portray. The present state of bedlam, in streets, throughout America, and Antifa’s vast presence and their organized armed groups, in the melee is proof enough of that their ability to form, organize and attack is anything but disorganized crime.

The New York Times, and other left-wing and right-wing media groups, which have researched Antifa’s growth and presence, have discovered what we already knew was true. Antifa recruits its supporters from other radical political movements, such as Black Lives Matter and the Occupy movement.

Antifa has been known to have a presence, in the United States, since the 1980s. It rose to recognition, after the election of President Trump, in 2016, with violence marking all of its protests and demonstrations, in such places as Chicago, where they literally shut down a rally and invaded the event and tore the place apart. Antifa even had a large and violent presence, in Washington DC, on the very day that Donald J. Trump was inaugurated.

What is Antifa?


The name, for the anarchist terrorist group, Antifa, is supposed to mean it is a group that stands against fascism. Yet, it is clear that Antifa is not anti-fascist but is anti-authority and anarchist, in all its views and forms, and that, itself is a fascist organization. Antifa’s self-described organizational purpose of opposing fascism is like the anarchist pot calling the kettle fascist. The term had been always used describe broad groups of people, who held political views that were out on the far left-wing fringes, that, in the past, even opposed by the Democratic Party, itself. That is no longer the case in the Democrat Party.

Today, with the election of radical, openly socialist, democrats, such as Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, Antifa has a strong base of support, in the Democrat Party, which never officially existed before. This new socialist base, which has totally overtaken the now Democrat-Socialist Party, has breathed life into such groups as Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the Occupy Movement.  

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