YES! The American People Deserve to Know What Biden & Harris Will Do to The U.S. Constitution


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YES! The American People Deserve to Know What Biden & Harris Will Do to The U.S. Constitution


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It is vitally important that every American can practice all their rights that are guaranteed, by the constitution. Those rights are given by God and protected by the Supreme Court and not by any political ruling order or regime. We have to recognize that. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are going to protect your rights. Political parties do not have an interest in protecting you. They care only about exerting political power.

Ultimately, it is the Supreme Court that was formed to protect our rights. If the Democrat-Socialists politicize the Supreme Court, by adding politically-based allied justices, based totally on their political views, the Constitution will no longer have any standing, as the standard, on which the constitutionality of any and all laws is determined.



The most dangerous thing is what a radicalized and biased stacked Supreme Court would result in. A packed Supreme Court would remove our constitutional right to private property. The far left Democrat-Socialists do not want anyone to have private property.

The Socialist radicals would certainly choose additional Supreme Court Justices, who have no respect for constitutional protections of private property. The far left Democrat-Socialist Party, in America, does not want the U.S. Supreme Court to protect private property. They are already demonstrating their hatred of individual private property.

Every time Democrat-Socialist Party calls for a ‘Wealth Tax’, they are making a direct attack, on private property. Wealth taxes are directly aimed at taking away private property. Though Biden refuses to answer questions, as to whether he will pack the Supreme Court, you can be sure that he will. Perhaps you do not know what the difference is between income tax and a wealth tax.

The Difference Between Wealth and Income

WEALTH TAX: A Wealth Tax consists of the value of somebody’s total assets (cash; savings and investments; houses, cars and other property; insurance and pension plans, for example) after your liabilities (mortgages, credit card debt or outstanding loans, for example) have been subtracted. In other words, it’s what’s left over if you sold everything you own and used the money to pay off every debt you have.

INCOME TAX: In contrast, Income Tax is money received over a period of time, typically in return for a person’s time and expertise through work, or as interest or dividends. Paychecks are income. Money from renting out a property or dividend payments from a stock you own are other examples of income.

So, if a Wealth tax is enacted, by the Democrat-Socialists gain power, in America, they have already called for a wealth tax that would add up all of your assets, minus your bills you have paid, and you would be forced to pay for the things you own and the money you have made and saved. This means you would be taxed on the wealth you have accumulated through the money you made and already paid taxes on. In fact, a wealth tax amounts to double taxation. 

To enact the Green New Deal, free college, and the whole Socialist agenda, of the Democrat-Socialist Party, it is required that they be able to pass unconstitutional laws, such as a wealth tax. To ensure that such laws, that legalize the governmental theft of your private property and to have such tyrannical laws upheld, in the Supreme Court, Joe Biden and the Democrat-Socialists must pack and politicize the Supreme Court.

If you are affluent, you will be subject to the government’s taking of whatever it decides it wants, at will. That is the kind of country the Democrat-Socialists are offering every American. In Democrat-Socialist America, the government will own everything and only let us have as much as they choose to let us use.

Joe Biden will not push back against these Socialist-Marxist revolutionaries, in our government. You cannot have socialized medicine, entitlements, guaranteed income, free college and all that, without the wealth tax or without seizing your private property.

We already have a deficit of thirty-trillion dollars. Even with the Biden-proposed four trillion-dollar tax increase, and with the stripping away of President Trump’s across-the-board tax cut, in order to enact the Democrat-Socialist agenda, the Democrat-Socialists would have to pass a wealth tax.

Democrat-Socialists also would have to commandeer private property to pay for all the far left unconstitutional bills that the Democrat-Socialist Party will pass and Joe Biden would sign into law. They can pass those laws and keep them intact only by packing the court with their own hand-picked additional philosophically-allied Supreme Court Justices.

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