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Using AI For Good Including Medical FREEDOM!


Exclusive Interview With A.I. Software Developer, Chris Downey, In Support of Vax Hesitancy

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Join our host, Andrew “Andy” Shecktor, for an enlightening episode of the Politically Incorrect podcast on EA Truth Radio, proudly brought to you by Eternal Affairs Media. In this thought-provoking session, we delve into the intersection of artificial intelligence, health freedom, and the contentious topic of vaccine hesitancy with our special guest, Chris Downey, the mastermind behind Vaxcalc Labs.

Chris Downey, an AI programmer and advocate for medical freedom, offers a fresh perspective on vaccine hesitancy, not as a subject of criticism but as a testament to intelligence and wisdom. Discover how Vaxcalc Labs is pioneering informed consent technology, empowering individuals to make educated decisions about vaccinations, free from the constraints of the one-size-fits-all approach.

Our discussion traverses the implications of excessive vaccination, the importance of diversity in health choices, and the value of supporting parents on their unique vaccine journeys. Chris also sheds light on how Vaxcalc provides curated research and live disease outbreak data, equipping parents with the knowledge to make the best decisions for their families.

Tune in to this riveting conversation that challenges the status quo and champions the right to question and choose. Whether you’re a parent navigating vaccine decisions or an individual curious about the role of AI in health freedom, this episode is a must-listen.

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