Religion can be a touchy topic of discussion, which is WHY I don’t talk about it to Non-Believers. Here you will find my philosophy on the gospel of Christ Yeshua The Messiah and what we really should be focusing on when it comes to leading the lost.

Do you have a Relationship With God?

This is where so many people get it wrong, get frustrated and end up giving up on “church.”

“If you have ears may you hear” – Yeshua

“Salvation is INSTANT and on the spot, but Sanctification (purification) takes a Lifetime!”

What I’m basically saying is I that I believe the Sanctification (purification) should be saved for the Believer, and simply sharing our Testimonies with Non Believers in an accepting & loving manner (“graced with salt”) is the best way to lead people to SALVATION! Salvation is for Non-Believers & Sanctification (purification) is for Believers! 

Stop being “religious” and legalistic thus driving people away from God in The Loving Messiah, Yeshua!

Yeshua “aka” Jesus The Christ is The ONLY Truth & Way to Eternal Life! All things old pass away and you become new; a part of God’s family. Its then, that your Almighty Creator really gets to work on you (Sanctification/Purification) … Being a Christian is NOT being perfect. We  are all sinners falling short of the glory to God therefore NO good work or amount of good works can earn your entry to Heaven. At the end of your earthly life, you will either spend eternity in Heaven or Hell. You can’t make that choice then. You have to make it NOW! It’s important to first recognize that. Its through having the relationship with Yeshua The Messiah, The Truth & The Way (to God) that you begin to be “refined like silver and molded like clay.”


There are a lot of False Prophets out there. Some will tell you that they are not sinners. Let me fill you in on part of the true gospel: Yeshua was the Only Man to walk this earth without sinning. Anybody that tells you otherwise is not walking in the light of “The Way.”

Yes, even prophets are sinners!

Only the perfect lamb of God (Yeshua) was/is/always will be PERFECT enough to take the place for you on the cross. This is how He conquered death, and how YOU can be SAVED by believing in Him.

“God so beloved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whoever shall believe in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16) … The most infamous scripture in the Bible.


They try to preach SANCTIFICATION (Damnation & Hellfire) to Non-Believers, and in turn the Non-Believer is turned away because they see the same flaws in the “Christian” … they are confused by what is presented to them. Actions speak louder than words! … THIS IS THE TRUTH …

Nobody is perfect except for Yeshua. If you want real change and lasting peace, forget about working to better yourself for “one minute” and use that “one minute” to ask Yeshua into your heart, and then simply confess with your mouth that He is Lord! Trust me, God will take care of the sanctification and purification of your soul.


“Almighty Creator, I know I’m a sinner and I’m sorry. I believe Your Son, Yeshua is, was and always will be the one true Messiah that died for my sins. He conquered death and lives now. I desire for Him to live within me & guide me. I will follow. Please make me whole. I accept Yeshua as my personal Lord and Savior. I will leave the rest up to you God and walk by faith and not by sight. Please transform me. In the Name of Yeshua The Christ. Amen!”

(any rendition of this prayer you feel comfortable with will do fine) … pour your heart out to The Lord (The Truth) if you desire. He will love that and comfort you for it.

If you’ve recently accepted Yeshua into your life, please let us know in the comments section. Share your testimony with the world every day all day, and God Bless You!

– The Truth Powered By The Truth –


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