BREAKING: Tomi Lahren Flaked BIG Time!

Sources say Lahren — who was suspended last week after flip-flopping on abortion and declaring herself pro-choice

What To Do If You Are Ever Confronted By Terror

most people DIE in emergencies precisely because they did nothing. You must not freeze up.

Prince Mohammed Considers Donald Trump a “Friend of Muslims”, Backs Travel Ban

Salman and Trump discussed the controversial travel ban that critics have claimed is “anti-Muslim.” Salman apparently disagrees

BREAKING: China Threatens Nuclear Weapons Against US Ally – Infowars

China warns that it is reconsidering its policy not to use nuclear weapons against South Korea in response to the U.S. deploying
Screenshot - 3_8_2017 , 10_36_05 PM wikileaks russian hack lie inside vault 7 truth

WIKILEAKS Just Exposed Who Was Really Behind This “RUSSIAN HACK” LIE!

The CIA documents they released yesterday describes a top-secret CIA project called “Umbrage” designed to frame foreign governments for hacks

Travel Ban: Common-Sense - You Don't Let People In Your HOME That Want To KILL You

We cannot compromise our nation's security by allowing visitors entry when their own governments are unable or unwilling

UPDATED: The Entertainment Industry Is All "GRAVY" Truth!

Baphomet is the demon set up in the music industry. Musicians make sacrifices to Baphomet to "secure" fame and fortune.