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Great Wealth Transfer & Deaths: Timely Insights from Bo Polny


The Prophetic Timeline Leading TO THE COLLAPSE OF THE U.S. DOLLAR & The Entire Babylonian System

Eightify reports:


The world is on the brink of a significant change, with the collapse of  the current reserve currency and the rise of cryptocurrencies and  precious metals, leading to a great wealth transfer and the downfall of  banking institutions.

Financial Analysis and Predictions

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    Bo  Polny analyzes time cycles in various aspects of the world, including  financial charts, cryptocurrencies, and even the Bible, to generate  incredible insights.

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    The speaker accurately predicted the crash of Bitcoin in November 2020, showing the power of analyzing patterns and cycles.

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    With  the xrp lawsuit settled, institutional money is now ready to pour into  the cryptocurrency, indicating a potential great wealth transfer in the  near future.

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    “We’re in the middle of it right now… The great wealth transfer.”

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    The  speaker predicts a “great wealth transfer” and suggests that the  negative oil prices in April 2020 were a “Biblical event” that  highlights the significance of certain time calculations.

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    Bo  Polny has been accurately predicting movements in gold and silver for a  long time, indicating his expertise in analyzing market cycles.

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    The  cycle chart accurately predicted Bitcoin’s price movements, including  the September drop, FTX crash, January rise, and the breakout in June.

Manipulation and Control of Money

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    The ability of those in power to create money from nothing has allowed them to manipulate and control the world, buying influence, hiding secrets, and perpetuating wars.

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    “They  add zeros, so when Nixon took us off the gold standard, the money  supply went from millions to billions to trillions, and now we’re in  quadrillions.”

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    Cryptocurrencies  like Bitcoin and XRP are hated by banking institutions because they are  peer-to-peer and don’t require intermediaries, threatening the control  and power of traditional banks.

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    The  goal of buying up smaller banks is to eventually have only two to three  top banks left, allowing for control over humanity and the  implementation of a central bank digital currency and one world  government.

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    Fiat  money, created out of thin air to enslave and control humanity, has led  to corruption and the capture of everything by those who control the  money supply.

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    “As  the supply of gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies shrinks, their prices  increase, while the value of the dollar decreases due to inflation.”

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Transformation of the Financial System


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    According  to the speaker, there is a turning point happening where the steering  wheel of the world is shifting from evil to good, as part of a prophecy  that has been foretold for thousands of years.

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    The  financial system is on the verge of a complete transformation, with  people shifting from fiat money to precious metals and cryptocurrencies  as transactional instruments.

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