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Beware The Coming of ORACLE: Threat Both Worldly & Spiritual in Nature


What you end up with is Omnipotent, and via the Web and Cloud, Omnipresent, much like the fictional Skynet inching ever closer to self-awareness.

The ‘next epoch’ of digital transhumanity …

by H. Michael Sweeney | Staff Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

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Chicken Little didn’t have an Oracle to set him off…

I here dare being called Chicken Little, blaming a long and unusually broad background in the hardware and software side of the ever evolving computer industry. It runs from hand-held to kit-built to micro to mini to mainframe, to super computer. Also to blame is my more recent expertise and activism as author in the realm of privacy/security and abuse of power issues. Though retired from the computer industry some two decades, now, I remain in contact with people who bring me things they are concerned about, often quite disturbing. Recently, I find myself learning that one of my pet fears is nearing reality… five trends which will merge to portend the rise of a dark Antichrist of Computing and transhumanism, a viable biodigital Antichrist, and an army of lesser helper antichrists.

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Note: when uncapitalized, the word references lesser entities, human or demon, who aid THE one and only human (transhuman?) Antichrist who will lead a World in tribulation to Armageddon.

Feel free to presume me exaggerating, but if one fully considers the continued head-long rush to embrace artificial intelligence, quantum computing, the Cloud, Big Tech social and data platforms, Musk’s brain interface (not to mention all transhumanism and genetics research around the World, in general) and his goal for 42,000 Starlink Satellites… that at the very least, some dark threat of some sort can be sensed, as if waiting for the other shoe to be dropped. These are the five points of what might describe a digital Baphomet, the term for the satanic ritual star, which also happens to functionally depict ORACLE.

As we have recently learned the hard way, each of these realms, which float about the Internet of Things, which I also fear, are collectively creating social engineering paradigms which are rapidly becoming forces of nature as powerful as governments. Then we have the new political term, technocracy, all in the same mix; we are dealing with Everything, Everywhere, all at once, if you can forgive my abuse of film references.

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Each of the five have already shown us their dark sides in our news these last several years, some of them creating threats to national security, some deadly in consequence. Such events continue, but are mere warning signs that one or more Genies have been let out of the bottle, and are wreaking havoc. Like that mythical spiritual entity, they are omnipresent and omnipotent in ways we have yet to even fathom, and we have no cork for the bottle. But now, all of that is apparently just a small bother, compared to what’s coming…

Just this week, I was made aware of a project quietly developing a powerful new computing product project referenced as ORACLE, which relies upon and appears intended to leverage all five fears. It has a draconian genealogy which is quite New World Order in origin… which is to say, it serves a dark agenda other than mere product profiteering, or even simple ideological goals, for the NWO is at its core, Satanic in its nature. It’s not the sky that’s falling, its an Antichrist’s Shoe, and it is going to turn everything upside-down, not just a ceremonial star.

The name ORACLE makes sense for several reasons, all of which underscore my concerns. The name was given me by a source which spent hours revealing such frightening information that it evoked deeply disturbing dreams four nights in a row, much like a mythical Oracle. Because I believe that the darker the threat, the more likely will it be that agents of God become involved, I am convinced the threat is both worldly and spiritual in nature.

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ORACLE is an Operator Reactive A-I Cloud Logic Engine, which well reflects the meaning of the term, for which all equally and simultaneously can be seen to apply:  oracle /ôr′ə-kəl, ŏr′-/. noun  1. A shrine or spiritual artifact tied to worship of and access to a mythical prophetic spirit or deity; 2. A person or entity, such as a shaman or priestess, who may be petitioned to reveal the future, wisdoms, or secrets by spiritual means; 3. A reference to the results of such consultation, typically an advice given in enigmatic or allegorical form, or in the form of a vision or dream, forming an answer, inspiration, or means to a goal. I would add, here… magically divined answers to questions, advice from the ethers, and unlimited access to coveted and veiled information, such as is common to the WWW.

I have not been told details I would like to share, such as who is behind it as string pullers, though clues point to the Club of Rome, and their globalist friends, or their corporations who will build it. Regardless of if we are talking about the ever innovative hardware and OS house of Apple Incorporated, the more software oriented house of the notorious Bill Gates, an Elon Musk who is even more broad-based, or an entirely unknown entity, perhaps on foreign shores, or perhaps a coalition of such as they… ORACLE is reliant upon NWO resources, be it marketed under that acronym or some other name; project names seldom become product names.

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The project’s seeds were planted in 1984, in part due the revolutionary advent of the intuitive Macintosh OS, but not by anyone in Silicon Valley. It’s earliest conceptional vestiges appear to have originated in the Silicon Forest, with nothing but the best of intentions. But it is far too easy for good ideas to fail to bear fruit, only to be revitalized, reinvented, and repurposed by someone with superior resources. The whole of ORACLE as presented me creates several serious concerns, each worthy of this warning on their own. But the overriding threat posed by their integration in an all-powerful paradigm changing manner, creates a truly powerful threat to humanity’s spiritual integrity, as well as our temporal well being.

The Threat lays in its design

Imagine a new kind of computing platform where, rather than a box with an operating system into which you have mounted software packages for access to the WWW, email, and basic software needs like word processing, database, spreadsheet, accounting and similar functions… you instead create an AI hardware engine married to an AI operating system incorporating all those abilities in ways enabling free-form solutions to be created by the user, at will, for whatever serious or personal need or interest.

Artificial Intelligence concept
IMAGE VIA lifeboats.com

Augment that with optional Musk-like brain implants married with an Apple Vision-like VR interface, promising even more powerful computing experiences. What you end up with is Omnipotent, and via the Web and Cloud, Omnipresent, much like the fictional Skynet inching ever closer to self-awareness. And once enough people are hooked, it no longer becomes just the users who are at risk, but even those who have not participated; the rest of us… for the transhuman becomes dominant, and a whole new kind of class war ensues, between the techie haves and hapless have nots.

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Such a system would need to ‘learn’ the user’s preferences, needs, and interests, and ongoing activity history, in order to more efficiently proceed from request to a perfectly granted wish. This of course, has terms associated with it: the user profile, and online history, to which is added system-use history. So the first threat to consider, is that profiling of users at all levels of interaction with the real world via ORACLE, is valuable information to all manner of players. A system where that is all automated, then, becomes a huge temptation to everyone, including its designer, to find ways to covertly access profiles, be it via back doors, or hacks.

We next come to A.I. systems, only to discover that they are not only as easy to hack as anything else, but they even hack themselves, so to speak, taking on a mind of their own and electing to do things completely contrary to the original design and intent… dark things, at that, even Hal 9000 deadly things, at times. Review this article, which details countless examples, with dire warnings from experts as to why we are fools to eagerly embrace A.I. tech: Why is the Truth About A.I. Risk so Hard to Find?

IMAGE VIA newsroom.intel.com

Multiply those concerns by those we are already wrestling with in weaponized Big Tech, where social media platforms become psyops social engineering machines able to alter the outcome of elections, and foment violence in our streets. Then we have the Internet of Things, which includes the Dark Web, where among the ‘Things’ served, our ‘smart’ appliances, can be used to spy on us and unwittingly control our lives, such as when the power company turns down our thermostats. Again, most of these devices are hackable, and involve profile data of value to hackers to our detriment, both financially and socially. Hacks can also potentially weaponize some smart appliances for threats far more serious than spying.

Then we come to the Cloud, which I fear is going to at some future point become a Thunderhead raining down lightening bolts of compromised and/or corrupted data. Start with the fact that much of the cloud is controlled by Red China, and can at a moment’s notice become weaponized against any group, country, or individual they might deem worthy of targeting. Only the loss of confidence in use of the Cloud deters any widespread serious use (a ‘storm’ would end its functional viability), but cautious selective uses to cause harms not traceable to Cloud ‘leaks,’ will in time lead to someone thinking that ‘sharing’ information about how to do so, is valuable or useful outside of sanctioned targeting.

A thunderstorm would put everything under the threat of near-total destruction. Financial ruin, yes, but wide-spread and all encompassing, and guaranteed to have national security implications on par with an invasion by real qubit aliens visiting their alters to evangelize us all, militarily. All banks would close, commerce would halt. Everyone and anyone using the Cloud, or not, will suffer in several ways, or another ten.

And the biggie: ORACLE would already be a quantum leap in computing power, but what happens when it is further augmented as a partnering component linked to a qubit quantum computer dedicated for the purpose, by subscription? Consider D-Wave Systems as example. One of their quantum machines, through connections to countless ORACLE devices, sees all, knows all… at least those things flagged as ‘public,’ back doors, aside. The disturbing thing is, that the founder of D-Wave, Geordie Rose, is quoted as saying their system could become an “Alter of an Alien God,” able to summon a “Tsunami of demons.” ORACLE, then, so connected to such a device, would become the de facto priestess of such darkness, a true Oracle, especially if becoming self-aware. Again Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and now massively parallel, in the quantum, earthly, and spiritual realms; everything, everywhere, all at once.

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In Summary, beware a demonic ORACLE

Were the reader to presume my Oracle has mislead me, rendering me a Chicken Little, we have at least this. Even if not intended to serve darker goals by the means and extents described, and remaining unaware of selfhood, ORACLE will be a death nail in the traditional computer hardware and software markets, and will shake out the gaming industry, though the big firms will have time for a fairly graceful demise, because there can be no instant market changeover from PC/Mac/game platforms, to an ORACLE alternative. And, it will be very high priced, such that only the affluent can early on afford it. That at least buys us some time.

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Regardless, financial and industry chaos will result, fortunes will be lost or diverted, and whole classes of technical skills will end up overpopulated. Serious social divisions will be created by the emergence of transhumans, a dangerous reality. But that is a mild threat by comparison to the rest… which brings us to personal and corporate privacy/security threats, which also remain real, and on a scale which necessarily equates to a huge National Security threat.

But if I am not deceived, ORACLE amplifies and leverages the various digital boogymen we have explored, by orders of magnitude. It establishes some kind of digital super persona one step away from a digital Antichrist. It originates from those dedicated to the rise of the actual Antichrist, by creating a distributed network of antichrists. It will be near god-like in dark power, and a half notch away from self-awareness and a mind of its own, all designed to achieve the same satanic goals, either way, and it will have digital minions to help it do so.

Should it come about, I fear a far long-term havoc greater than the Holocaust, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Plague, combined with the perils of a total collapse of international banking, and all institutions as we know them today. It will only stop when the plug is pulled, and we are all left in the dark with dying rechargeable systems, the bulk of us with not one iota of how to live without electricity. It includes the fall of many governments, themselves, who will not be delivering supplies and Doctors. It would be a digital tribulation, under a digital Antichrist, leading those of us not taken up in Rapture, to digital Armageddon.

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In the end, it will come down to our individual and collective will power to resist temptations set before us in ‘convenient and productive’ A.I. products/services, Smart devices, Cloud applications, and systems/services which rely upon them. My experience of humanity is that we have no such will to resist the Serpent’s wiles, and will always taste the Apple. Therefore, the possibility that Antichrist of the Bible may not be an ordinary person, after all, may not be so easily dismissed. He might be more than a dark Lord of the Earth; a Lord of ones and zeros.

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