YES! The American People Deserve to Know What Biden & Harris Will Do to The U.S. Constitution



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It is very frightening that most Americans do not understand the danger this presents to the very existence of the constitutional republic. It means that our rights will vanish, into thin air. That is what packing the Supreme Court is about, and that is why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris refuse to answer any questions related to this treacherous policy they intend to foist upon us all.

Consider this scenario. The Democrat-Socialists will pass a bill that the Supreme Court now has 15 judges. Then, a President Joe Biden will nominate the additional justices. Since the Senate is controlled by democrats, they will confirm them, with no impediment, at all. That is an alarming scenario, which will be played out and become a reality, if Americans elect Joe Biden to the presidency and a majority of Democrat-Socialists, to the two houses of congress.

Hence, since Joe Biden refused to answer the court-packing question, in the first presidential debate, and because Kamala Harris refused to do so, in the vice presidential debate, it is an absolute certainty that, if Joe Biden and the Democrat-Socialists are victorious, they will, without a doubt, pack the Supreme Court.

As noted, Kamala Harris also has refused to answer the question of whether or not she would pack the Supreme Court if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice. During the vice presidential debate, Vice President Pence asked Senator Harris directly for an answer to this question. Like Joe Biden, she refused to respond.



Vice President Mike Pence said:

“Senator Harris, you speak about the Supreme Court though, I think the American people really deserve an answer, Senator Harris. Are you and Joe Biden going to pack the court, if Judge Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed? I mean there have been 29 vacancies, on the Supreme Court, during presidential election years, from George Washington to Barack Obama. Presidents have nominated, in all 29 cases, but your party is actually openly advocating adding seats to the Supreme Court, which has had nine seats, for a hundred and fifty years, If you don’t get your way.

This is a classic case of, if you can’t win by the rules, you’re going to change the rules. Now, you’ve refused to answer the question. Joe Biden has refused to answer the question. So, I think the American people would really like to know, if Judge Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States, are you and Joe Biden, if somehow you win this election, going to pack the Supreme Court to get your way?”

Senator Kamala Harris:

“Joe and I are very clear. The American people are voting right now, and it should be their decision about who will serve on this most important body, for a lifetime.”

Vice President Mike Pence:

“Thank you, Senator Harrison. Since they are voting, they’d like to know if you and Joe Biden are going to pack the Supreme Court. The straight answer is yes; they are going to pack the Supreme Court, if they somehow win this election.”


If you are an American citizen, and if you honor the U.S. Constitution, which is the most perfect political document the world has ever known, can you enthusiastically and confidently vote for either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris?

Anyone, who could advocate the constitution-killing policies that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris plan to force, upon the nation, should receive no votes, at all, from any patriotic American. It is absolutely clear that they intend to abolish the Supreme Court of the United States and turn it into a political circus. Now, if you have friends or family, who plan to vote for Biden, tell them what you have learned here because, if Biden and Harris win, your rights will vanish on January 20, 2021.

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