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The True Story of Gangster Saved by Grace ~ Interview with Mondo De La Vega


If Jesus can change the life of a gangster, what could He do with you?


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EA Truth Radio Host, Andrew “Andy” Shecktor conducted this eye-opening interview with Former Gangster, Mondo De La Vega, who Turned to Christ and Was Saved by God! This Guest Show took place on February 12, 2024, and you’ll surely get something out of it!

If Jesus can change the life of a gangster, what could He do with you?


After reading this book, you will have the practical tools needed for  developing a deep, fruitful relationship with God. You will have the  encouragement you need to see that Jesus is real and fully present in  whatever circumstances you face.

Discover the astonishing journey of Mondo De La Vega in My Crazy Life: The Moments That Brought a Gangster to Grace.  Step into a world where respect, power, and money lure a young man into  the dark embrace of one of Los Angeles’ most notorious Latino gangs.  But behind the facade lies a haunting reality of crime, guns, and the  constant threat of death or imprisonment.

Mondo’s  life takes root in a turbulent childhood, filled with abuse and  violence. Escaping his reproachful father in Central America, he, along  with his sister and mother, seeks refuge in families’ homes, moving  around from place to place in a small town in Central America, surviving  undercover for over a year before their ultimate quest for freedom  leads them to the brutal streets of Los Angeles.

Driven by bitterness and anger, Mondo is pulled into one of the city’s  most notorious gangs, climbing its ranks and facing an inevitable future  of either imprisonment or an early grave. Yet amidst the darkness,  Mondo’s sister refuses to give up on him. With unyielding faith, she  prays for a miracle and receives a prophetic word that seems impossible  to Mondo—a word that will change everything.

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My Crazy Life  is a gripping narrative much like the story of Nicky Cruz, as we see  God interrupt Mondo’s path with His relentless love and grace. Through  supernatural encounters, miraculous escapes, and undeniable fulfilled  prophecies, Mondo finds the strength to leave the gang behind and  embrace a new life.


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