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4-Year Old Released From Hospital Captivity After Abduction


Followup Interview With 4-Year Old’s Mom: Released From Hospital Captivity After Traumatic Event

Autumn Schacter / IMAGE VIA family representation

Big Pharma Must Fail Along With The Babylonian System!!!

This is a followup interview to a previous interview we conducted with a 4-year old little girl’s mother pleading for help after her child was abducted by the fraudulent, corrupt medical system, with CPS called into terrorize an innocent family.

IMAGE SCREENSHOT / mercola.com

Justice must be served!!!

When doctor’s saw Autumn’s E. Coli infection as a case study, they began a series of drug concoctions that have only led to her decline, even to the point of vomiting blood. Using drugs such as Lasix, Diarel and Aminophalen has proven dangerous and reckless, yet doctors refuse to heed the pleas of Autumn’s family to extubate her. 

Remnant Nursing’s advocacy services were retained after multiple ethics violations by doctors and administrators. 

To exacerbate the situation, LPCH has called in Child Protective Services, a move typical of medical professionals attempting to intimidate families who don’t agree with the dangerous methods being administered. 

In this radio podcast interview, Hope provides a remarkable, blessed update on her 4-year old’s release from Corrupt Big Pharma Captivity, and how well she’s improving after the traumatic event she should not have had to endure as a poor little child. Our prayers are with Autumn and the family during this difficult time.


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