Black Lives Matter – An Insidious Legacy of Indoctrination


The Truth About Black Lives Matter …

Black Lives Matter – An Insidious Legacy of Indoctrination – Expose’

by Dr. Steven Clark Bradley PhD | Contributor | Eternal Affairs Media


It is obvious that, at the very core, of the racially-based, politically charged organization called, ‘Black Lives Matter’, is the fundamental belief that police officers, whether white or black, wake up every morning thinking, about what black person they would have the opportunity of shooting. Yet, the truth is, it should be understood that since it is now fundamentally white people, and many of them wearing blue police uniforms, who are the easiest ones to hate because they are the most visible image of authority.

It needs to be said, now, that White Lives Matter, since bullets are now invading white men and women bodies instead of black ones. In 2019, nineteen white police officers were killed by black rioters and nine black officers were murdered. There is no doubt that the United States of America is under attack, and law enforcement, and the constitution, are under attack, by the terrorist organization known as Black Lives Matter.

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What Logical Questions Can Explain Black Lives Matter?

At the outset, it is necessary to pose a few logical queries to understand the purpose and foundation that underscores the movement called ‘Black Lives Matter’.

  • Firstly, what does the name ‘Black Lives Matter’ really mean?
  • Does the name of this radical and often violent organization imply that only black people’s lives matter?
  • Why do members of ‘Black Lives Matter’ get so furious whenever anyone counters their name and says that all lives matter?
  • Do they really believe that White or Asian lives or all other cultural or ethnic forms of life do not matter?
  • Is it the platform, of ‘Black Lives Matter’, that the lives of black and white men and women, in blue, do not matter?
  • Though nearly everyone would agree with black people wholeheartedly and immediately say that killing a black man or woman just because they are black is evil and inhuman. Then, why is it, and how could it be right for ‘Black Lives Matter’ adherents to believe that the killing of police and how can the slaying of those, whom they believe and determine to be White Supremacists be right?
  • Does not the name, ‘Black Lives Matter’ mean that those who are members, of the growing and increasingly powerful racially-based organization, mean that they, themselves, are Black Supremacists?
  • Why is Antifa considered to be a terrorist organization and ‘Black Lives Matter’, which has carried out as many heinous acts, is not?

Such questions are almost never posed to the public because they are politically incorrect to do so. Yet, our young people, of all races, are accepting the deadly and racially-charged hate policies of ‘Black Lives Matter’, and are even taught in our schools and universities that the goals of ‘Black Lives Matter’ are right and good for the future of America. Why are such groups allowed to indoctrinate our children and groups from religious-based organization not permitted to do so?

Black Lives Matter and ‘Teach for America’ Indoctrination of America’s Students

It is easy to show the duplicity of the indoctrination of our children and how, anyone, other than black kids, are ostracized and made to regret their race, by groups, such as ‘Black Lives Matter’. For example, two radical voices that are very active in protests that have turned exceedingly violent and who are voiced in schools that indoctrinate students are Brittany N. Packnett Cunningham and DeRay McKesson.

Brittany N. Packnett Cunningham is the former Executive Director, of ‘Teach for America’, St. louis, which is, in reality, the indoctrination arm of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. ‘Teach for America’ recruits newly graduated teachers, who are inexperienced in teaching and who have already been indoctrinated, in high school and university, and are easily turned into megaphones for the radical, racial views that rips children’s individual confidence to shreds. The neophyte teachers that are recruited by ‘Teach for America’ are nearly always immediately dispatched to work in the inner-city schools. Therefore, children are being injected with the rhetoric of hate, which will affect them, for the rest of their lives.

White School Children Are Ostracized as Evil Because of ‘White Privilege’


It was said that, by having white children attend black, inner-city schools, black children would develop better study skills, better grades and more success would result. In fact, the opposite was true because of the indoctrination process of making white children feel guilty for what they are told is their fault because of White Privilege that has caused the terrible lives of black children. All people, who live in America, are privileged to live in a free and prosperous nation. Having the right to become what you want, to be who you want and to choose what kind of life you want is nothing less than a true privilege for anyone, regardless of whatever color your skin may be.

The Expanding Influence of Black Lives Matter

Packnett-Cunningham is a Black American activist and important leader, in the Black Lives Matter movement. She was also appointed by Barack Hussein Obama, as a member, of Obama’s 21st Century Policing Task Force. This woman has a powerful activist voice, in local schools, across America, and she is a powerful voice, to America’s children, concerning the importance of black lives and the belittling of the lives of people of different races.

DeRay McKesson is another important voice in the Black Lives Matter Movement. McKesson is an American civil rights activist, and, interestingly, again, a former school administrator. He has become one of the biggest and most important voices today, in the Black Lives Matter movement. He was one of the most violent voices, in the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, and in Baltimore, Maryland.

In 2015, Hillary Clinton told a group, of major Black Lives Matter activists, that they needed to change their approach to getting BLM better supported. The liberal former presidential candidate told them that they should change their focus from changing hearts to changing laws. After that meeting together, with the failed candidate, for US President, DeRay McKesson and Brittany Packnett-Cunningham founded the non-profit organization, known as Campaign Zero.

McKesson, a public school administrator, in Baltimore and former failed candidate for Mayor of Baltimore and Packnett-Cunningham, vice president of Teach for America, St. Louis and Black Lives Matter members, Johnetta Elzie and Samuel Sinyangwe, made their initial attempts to establish a platform, with the main purpose of establishing policies and laws to stop police violence. They developed a set of ten demands that partially followed President Obama’s Task Force, 21st Century Policing, of which, Packnett-Cunningham is a former member.

The new non-profit group went further than Obama did, in their policy recommendations. Campaign Zero called for ending police ability to break windows; they wanted to ban quotas for vehicle moving violations and to end the Pentagon program giving police departments military hardware for policing. The group also began to lobby liberal politicians, in Congress, to approve their plans to develop new legislation and to put their ideas into law to have the enforcement that new laws would provide.

Black Lives Matters Calls for New Laws Restricting Public Safety

Campaign Zero stated, for the record, that if police departments and governments could institutionalize appropriate police reform, as they viewed it, Campaign Zero would provide an ambitious a practical guideline, which included the defunding of police departments and, eventually, the abolishing of police, which would give Black Lives Matter the status law keepers, in the major cities across America. Is it not interesting that those desired laws are exactly what Black Live Maters groups are now calling for in cities where riots have destroyed the peace?

Furthermore, and unbelievably, Packnett-Cunningham stated that they are not anti-police and that they are totally anti-violence, without question. As members of Black Lives Matter, it is hard to rationalize the organization’s extremely violent action and to sell the idea that Campaign Zero is not violent, when both organizations are run by the same people. So, it is easy to see that BLM is highly active, in educational indoctrination and violently active, socially, to change laws that would allow crime to flourish. It is clear, both areas of society would feed off of the other. As a result of BLM’s two-pronged approach, the organization declared that Black Lives Matter is no longer, merely, a hashtag.

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BLM proclaims that they benignly only want to make sure that they educate the public, about the deaths of innocent black people, at the hands of police. Of course, we all know this has happened, but it also must be pointed out that many of the blacks and whites, who have been killed by police, were actually trying to kill police as well. There is no innocence for those, who are robbing our children’s innocence, from them.

Liberal Organizations Funneling money to Black Lives Matter


Today, because of political correctness, many well-known and liberal names and organizations are funneling large amounts of funds to BLM. The Ford Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy have donated over one hundred million dollars to the Black Lives Matter movement. Likewise, the Open Society Institute, owned and directed, by George Soros, has given BLM six-hundred thousand dollars.

The Actual Goals of Black Lives Matter

The actual schema, behind the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement is really not hidden at all, from public scrutiny. BLM does not seem to be the least bit ashamed of their goals or the slightest bit afraid to proclaim their aims. It is, in fact, the nation’s liberal society and schools that have no qualms about letting this burgeoning terrorist organization grow, without hindrance or limits, to what amounts to as a Marxist revolution against white American students, law enforcement and the very government of the United States of America.

The Insidious Nature of Black Lives Matter


Though it is easy to see the radical and public carnage of Antifa and Black Lives Matter all around us, it is truly the far more insidious agenda of Black Lives Matter indoctrination of children and overall society, with their views, agenda and message, that puts America’s future in danger, and it is working. There is no doubt that the most diabolical efforts, of BLM, are those that lead and open doors for the Black Lives Matter movement in our schools. Today, BLM has even been able to get schools to teach Black Lives Matter curriculum that has fundamentally altered our children’s thinking.

Tax-Payer Funding of ‘Teach for America’ and Black Lives Matter

Today, in schools, throughout America, teachers, like those in ‘Teach for America’, are developing curriculum that condemns America and our national values and that purports to teach that we are a racist society that seeks to encourage White Supremacists to kill black people. This means that Black Lives Matter’s lies and falsehoods are being embraced, on the state and federal level, legally and with our tax dollars. 

Allowing this form of Anti-American education has, as its ultimate goal, the creation of a nation of Anarchists who hate the United States of America. If you feel this is far-fetched or unimaginable, just turn on your TV or just look out your window, if you live in one of America’s large cities and behold the carnage, the violence and the death being allowed to flourish right now. That should provide sufficient proof to convince you of the veracity of the threat, to the republic.

Today, in American schools, BLM uses many of the same tactics as ISIS uses to teach children to spy and to become suicide bombers, Black Lives Matter is teaching our children to hate and to oppose law enforcement. What will be next or is perhaps already happening, will our children be inspired to kill?

The Ultimate Aims of Black Lives Matter

There are varying opinions of what the actual purpose of Black lives matter is. Many see BLM as a movement that is only a group of violent, hostile and disgruntled blacks. Many Americans have no idea what the movement truly wants to transform the nation into. Yet, it is widely understood, by those of us, who follow the movement’s development and goals, that Black Lives Matter leaders are very adept at controlling the ways they seek to achieve their aims at getting laws changed and new policies, in place, which are most akin to their liking, by politicians, in both parties, who are addicted to political correctness.

The greatest and most glaring hypocrisy, of BLM, is that the movement is not focused, at all, on the black on black problems, like black-gang violence that has seen many blacks killed by fellow blacks, in their communities. Also, neither Black Lives Matter nor Campaign Zero does any real work to muster the financial means of changing things for the better, in the broken-down areas of America’s cities, where the majority of residents are black.

Black Lives Matter Encourages Division as a Means to Exist

The movement’s main thrust and driving force is political change rather than social and economic improvement. In fact, BLM does not want improvement to come to inner-city America. To see the problems that black Americans face, in the inner-cities, would drive Black Lives Mater right out of existence, just as it would other black activists, such as Al Sharpton. Though America has many avenues and vast opportunities to better oneself, especially under the Trump Administration’s inner-city policies of improving whole communities’ through business start-ups and outreach to the downtrodden, alas, that is in no way part of the message that BLM espouses.

Black Lives Matter Calls for Things that Do Not Require Government Assistance

Black Lives Matter members decry all the things that need to be done, by government, to improve and equalize the lot of black Americans. Yet, many of the things they cry out for are things that can be done, in their communities, themselves. It is the deeply entrenched custom of relying on the government for everything they need or want, which both parties are guilty of creating, that has sucked all the individual liberty and creativity out of those who are addicted to government entitlement programs. It is obvious that BLM took Hillary Clinton’s advice and stopped caring about the hearts of their own people and only desire political change, through the ballot box, the gun and the mob.

In fact, BLM does not call for equality, at all. The meaning of the title, Black Lives Matter does not, in all fairness, mean that other lives do not matter. Yet, for BLM to declare that they are calling out for governmental and social equity is not true. One example that BLM members have actually used is that if you are involved in a car accident, and one person has a serious head injury but the others have a few bumps and bruises, the person with the gravest accident should be attended to first. That does not imply that medical help will not be given to the rest of the passengers. This sounds right, at the surface level, but at its core, it is not.

Black Lives Matter is Hypocritical in their Calls for Equality

Yet, it is important to ask why black communities have such dire situations to deal with. It cannot be denied that racism is prevalent, throughout America. It should also be denoted that racism is not a one-race disease. All people, of all colors, from all walks of life have racist tendencies. It is a result of the fall of humanity, from God’s grace. Still, does the plight of black communities mean that it was all caused by racism or can it also be possible that many of the situations that are still destroying black lives and communities are as much cultural issues as they are systemic?

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Alicia Garza, one of the creators of the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag, wrote in 2014:

“Given the disproportionate impact state violence has on Black lives, we understand that when Black people in this country get free, the benefits will be wide-reaching and transformative for society as a whole. When we are able to end the hyper-criminalization and sexualization of Black people and end the poverty, control and surveillance of Black people, every single person in this world has a better shot at getting and staying free. When Black people get free, everybody gets free.”

Again, though, on the surface of Garza’s statement, it seems to speak a lot of truth, yet, the crux of it does not. Look at the thing that Alicia Garza listed as the reasons that make BLM so vital to black lives. It is important to state that the systemic racial inequality does exist. One would be lying to oneself to insist it does not. We all have a duty to determine where such racist policies exist and end it effectively and forever. Discrimination, of any kind, is wrong, inhuman and unconstitutional. Nevertheless, the issues which Garza listed, in the quote, from her, demonstrate a lack of solid reasons to make the demands that she, and all members of Black Lives Matter, insist upon.

Black Lives Matter Does Not Seek to Improve Black Lives

The existence of hyper-criminalization is the result of black communities increased level of criminal activity. That is simply indisputable. It is a fact that black communities have more crime. It can be argued that the high crime rate of black communities is the natural outgrowth of high unemployment. It is logical that idle hands are the Devil’s workshop. Yet, what has caused the high employment rates in black communities?

The list of reasons and causes is long, but a few of the reasons are lower academic success rates, which are caused by drug use, gang violence and a plethora of other reasons that lead black young people to either quite their schools or fail in their education. But the main cause of these terrible statistics is, ultimately, the complete breakdown of black families. Though white families are rapidly catching up to black ones, and it is undeniable that the family in America is in grave danger, there is still a fundamental basis of white parents taking responsibility for their children that fundamentally no longer exists in African American ones.

The issue of entrenched poverty, in black communities, which Garza listed, is real and must be turned around, but there is little that government can do, for those who have a deficiently developed work history, when it pays more to sell drugs than having a real job does. In fact, government has made the inner-city poverty rate far worse instead of better. When government checks regularly arrive and when another child increases those payments, there is little to no incentive, for a person to get off of the dole and get a job.

Only Social and Cultural Change will ever improve Black Communities – Not Black Lives Matter

Additionally, racial profiling is real, and it needs to be ended. However, it will never end, as long as violence and murder rates are as high, as they are, in black communities. Police do not necessarily profile because they want to stop black people, in crime-ridden communities. They do so because of the endemic criminal history of such places. Police have an absolute duty to make sure the streets are safe. If blacks want to have such policies ended, they must also end criminal behavior that make such policies necessary.

On the other hand, when police routinely stop people for ‘Driving While Black’, in city centers, which are relatively safe, it does appear to be racially motivated. For example, Senator Tim Scott, a black senator from South Carolina, reported that he has been often pulled over, by Washington DC police and even by capitol police, while on the way to the capitol. In such circumstances, there is no doubt that this form of profiling is purely done because of race.

The Main Point About Black Lives Matter

The main point being made here is that the things that BLM founder, which Alicia Garza has pointed out, are issues that blacks and their communities can correct and improve, on their own, without demanding government action. It also underscores the fact that it is government subsistence that has locked African-American communities, into their present plight.

Once governmental dependency is removed, and when the culture of dependency is changed, black lives will change for the better, as well. The message of Black Lives Matter is aimed at the wrong people and the wrong things. That message needs to focus on those, in their communities, who do nothing to ameliorate their own self-made situations. The great many blacks, who have stepped out and fulfilled self-made dreams, through hard work and stubborn determination, are truly national heroes.

BLM does nothing to encourage more of such brilliant minds, which certainly exist, all over America’s black communities. Instead, Black Lives Matter prefers to carry out the same old rhetoric and arguments and shout down naysayers in and outside of black communities and accuse them of either being White Supremacists, racists or Uncle Tom’s. BLM has no desire to encourage change, in black communities. Their message is a political one and political only.  

Black Lives Matter Has No Intention of Trying to End The plight of Black America

There is no desire, on the part of BLM adherents, to change the causes of black lives. They prefer to inspire feelings of guilt for issues, others have not caused or inspired or even wished to create. Black Lives Matter does not want equality. They crave supremacy, and they aim to achieve it through indoctrination of America’s children in schools and to require it through violence and terror, throughout America society. If we, who have achieved various levels of success, look back at our lives, we can all see moments when giving up seemed preferable to pressing on. We can all recall those moments when all seemed useless and in vain.

Yet, we mustered the courage and to the honesty to understand where we failed, why we failed and how to correct it and overcome it, and to do so again, the next time we fail. Instead of allowing Black Lives Matter to cast blame, for the issues that were caused by those in their communities, they should challenge their people to dream bigger, work harder, to be more stubbornly determined and to stop blaming the world for issues they have brought upon themselves and can equally rectify themselves, as well. The opportunity to do so is before them. It is only they, who can avail themselves of that success.

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