The Fundamental Transformation Into a Dystopian Socialist Society – Timeline


The Fundamental Transformation Into a Dystopian Socialist Society – Timeline

America’s Goose-Stepping March Toward Socialism MUST BE HALTED


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by Dr. Steven Clark Bradley PHD | Contributor | Eternal Affairs Media

The Democratic Party’s dangerous and Anti-American shocking shift to the Radical-Socialist left should make us all fear for the future of the nation. They have continually shown their love of Marxism by promoting radical ideologies and policies, such as the Green New Deal, which is NO DEAL AT ALL! The most blatant and most dangerous and ominous proof of all is the current front-runner status of Marxist Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democrat-Socialist Party’s nominee for President of the United States of America.


Joe Biden’s, Kamala Harris’ Bernie Sanders’ and the whole Democrat-Socialists’ love of Marxism, the former Soviet Union, Fidel Castro and totalitarian states must not be allowed to even touch a door knob of the White House. The whole Democrat-Socialist Party’s blatant lies and misrepresentations and outright slander, about our current and greatest president in American history, Donald J. Trump demonstrate their hatred, contempt and desire to destroy the US Republic, as she was prescribed and determined to be, in the U.S. Constitution, the Law of the Land. Only that sacred parchment gives any of these contemptuous Democrat-Socialists even a right to speak against the nation and the leader that the American people love and chose.

The failed efforts, by absolute despotic and treasonous democrat-socialists, to pull off a literal coup d’état against the People’s Choice, President Donald J. Trump, and these America-Haters’ loathing of the US Constitution, are dangerous, disastrous, and unpatriotic. They must be condemned and must be stopped!



Not only should the Socialist plans, of Joe Biden make us fear for America’s very existence. The violent rhetoric and actions of Joe Biden’s Marxist bosses, such as Bernie Sanders, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and of every single radical Democrat-Socialist, and their liberal mob causes all American patriots, who love America, as she was so conceived, to rise up and demand that Pelosi, Schumer and all the Democrat-Socialist cabal be put a much obligatory end. Only, we the people, can stand up and cry out and cast votes to rid our endangered nation of the policies and words of all the Democrat-Socialist Party’s America-hating actions and Radical-Socialist members.


1. A Socialist president is elected whose administration is controlled and directed by the extreme liberal/Socialist arm of his Party.

2. Their party platform is developed to take advantage and to deepen, spread and entrench the social and racial bitterness that erupted from what was said to be political, social and income inequalities, throughout society.

3. The new administration launches a ‘Democratic-Socialist Revolution’ that brings about the writing of a new constitution, the enactment of an anti-capitalist, pro-socialist and populist civil, social and economic policies.

4. The Socialist Government passes an ‘Enabling Act’ that makes the Fundamental Transformation of a free republic into a government-controlled one possible.

5. The first use of the Enabling Act will be the confiscation of all weapons owned by the citizens of the nation. All guns are declared illegal.

6. Through the passage of an Enabling Act, the Socialist Government will enact a vast array of federal government-controlled and state government controlled and regulated social, health and environmental policies into law.

7. The massive new Socialist agenda will be primarily funded by massive local, state and national tax increases, of between 75% to 85%, which will be placed on the ‘wealthy’.

8. The Enabling Act will give the Socialist Government the power to determine the criteria for designating a person as ‘wealthy’.

9. The Enabling Act will grant the Socialist Government the statutory authority to legally pass laws aimed at the redistribution of land and wealth.

10. This act will give the Socialist Government the right to silence business and labor concerns about the State concentration of economic and political power.

11. The Enabling Act will enforce the sole goal, of the Socialist Revolution, of the regulation of all markets and business.

12. The Enabling Act will authorize the Socialist Government to cancel all student debt and to make all public universities free.

13. The Enabling Act will make all private universities or colleges unlawful.

14. Because of the high taxes imposed by the Socialist Government, the Enabling Act will serve as a mandate to take control of all industries and every aspect of the economy, including full control of the all stock exchanges and futures markets and commodities markets.

15. The Enabling Act will be a useful tool that will provide the Socialist Government the desired resulting effects of very high oil prices, reduced salaries, single-payer healthcare and a vast reduction in military spending.

16. The Enabling Act will be used whenever the Socialist Government artificially or authentically recognizes, expects or induces socially, politically or civilly violent reactions to the economic plight that will result from the Socialist political, social and economic measures.

17. The Enabling Act will be employed to enforce the Socialist Government’s decisions to greatly curtail or suspend civil liberties, such as, but not limited to free speech, civil disobedience, anti-governmental discourse and/or social media.

18. The Enabling Act will demand that all forms of oral or written, public or private opinions will be scrutinized, adjudicated and punishable by law, when deemed to be against the social and political and economic well-being of the Socialist Government.

19. Through the Enabling Act, the physical well-being of the general public will be the sole responsibility of the state and the cost of such.

20. Because of the great cost of keeping citizens healthy, The Enabling Act will give the Socialist Government wide latitude to decide:

a. What care should and should not be given

b. Who should and should not receive Socialist-Government-Paid care

c. What the public can and cannot eat.

d. What can and cannot be served in public forums

e. When the Socialist Government deems it necessary to consider employing ‘End of Life Measures’.

21. The Enabling Act will be the catalyst for the Socialist Government to fundamentally end private property and to pass Land Reform legislation that will eliminate large estates and redistribute it to benefit rural poor.

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