Prophetic Word: Acceleration Is Coming


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Prophetic Word: Acceleration Is Coming

Prophetic Word: Acceleration Is Coming

Caleb Wampler with Charisma Magazine prophesies:

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If you have ever been to a horse race, then you have probably noticed that the horses wear something around their eyes called “blinders.” When a horse is racing, the rider puts blinders on the horses’ eyes, so they cannot see what is behind them or to the left or right.

When they are not distracted by everything around them, they perform their task better and finish well. The animals’ eyes are focused only on one thing—what is ahead.

Jesus is coming back. He is raising up His bride right now, looking for the ones who will be set apart. Will you allow Him to put blinders on your eyes, so He is all you see?

Acceleration is coming. Keep watch, for the return of the Lord draws near. The King is coming, and He is ever watching. For those who are keeping oil in their lamps, I see acceleration.

Before His return, there will be a redeeming of the time in many areas. In some places, some cities and some nations certain things need to take place spiritually. He is readying His available bride to take spiritual territory!

Watch for an increase of callings into the ministry, evangelism in the corporate world, billionaires turning to Jesus and funding the advancement of the gospel, massive wealth gain and repositioning in places of power and prestige, not for your gain but for His kingdom advancement! He intently watches those whose hearts are His!

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