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Metal Charts


What Is Gold, Silver, Copper & Nickel REALLY WORTH? What’s The Value of Precious Metals?

Metal Charts

Metal Charts & Gold & Silver Spot Value Prices Here

You can bookmark this page and visit it WHENEVER you feel like checking up on the spot price of gold, silver, copper or nickel.

Scroll to toward the bottom of the page for a free, real time updating plugin for Gold, Silver, etc. Prices!

KITCO, the website we normally use to provide these charts is DOWN, so we’ve improvised with something basic, temporarily.

Silver is a precious metal that is known for storing wealth of those who cannot afford gold purchases. You can’t trust your fiat currency, but SILVER is a hot commodity expected to rise much more in the future.


The Bible talks about Heaven’s streets of GOLD. Gold is truly God’s money (which is eternal) and Kings, Rich families of the world have been storing there wealth in gold for many centuries.


For the sake of making a little extra cash, you can usually develop a working relationship with an HVAC company that may allow you to scrap their copper. Its NOT worth that much, but it could provide you a “little extra cash in your pocket”

(one not mention here is also aluminum)

Nickel? hmm, don’t know! I guess you can measure the TRUE value of a .05 cent coin!

For ‘Real-Time’ Updating Precious Metals Spot Prices, Use Firefox LIVE GOLD Plugin HERE.

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