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The Shocking Truth About The Statue of Liberty – Stroll Through History


BELIEVE IT OR NOT, there are some discrepancies between the official narrative and the disturbing theories behind its true meaning …

The Shocking Truth About The Statue of Liberty – Stroll Through History

by Mike C Goodwin | Staff Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

IMAGE VIA telegraph.co.uk

If by chance you find yourself in New York City anytime soon then you may notice a giant copper statue on the horizon. Now, you are more than likely familiar with this looming beacon of freedom as it is rather iconic, but you may not be aware of its origins.

Now, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, there are some discrepancies between the official narrative and the disturbing theories behind its true meaning. Luckily for you, I have gone through the pages of history, schematics, creators, and the ravings of Internet madmen who seem to believe Ghostbusters 2 was more documentary than movie. I have done this to save you the many strokes you will likely give yourself reading some of the insanity.

Well, that and I have spare time.

It all started around 1865 (or more like Biblical times, but more on that later,) when Edouard de Laboulaye, a French politician and activist, proposed a monument to serve as a beacon of liberty, in an imperial age where monarchies were still common. It would also serve to unite the French and American people. Laboulaye had hoped it would inspire the French people to also call for democracy in their own nation.

It did inspire Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and Gustave Eiffel (yes, the tower guy,) to create a modern day “Colossus of Rhodes” type statue based on the Roman goddess Libertas. Well, sort of…

IMAGE VIA triplemint.com

Bartholdi had earlier proposed an Egyptian colossus to serve as a sort of lighthouse. Known as the “Egypt Carry the Light to Asia” construct, it would be a giant peasant woman holding a torch. Bartholdi therefore already had the idea, but the program fell through due to costs. His repurposing of this to the Americas would be delayed, however, as most things are: A German war involving a guy with a mustache (no, not that one, another mustachioed strongman.)

The Franco-Prussian War delayed any progress on giant metal ladies being produced (as only wars can,) for around fifteen years. In that time, Bartholdi had changed his style a little due to military monuments made in that time to commemorate the war. He embraced the Romantic styles (as in Rome, not like Valentine’s Day romance,) leading to grandiose sculpturing based on classical themes.

Thus, the Egyptian peasant woman became a Roman God. Quite the promotion.

In the design, were several features that are prominent: a torch in an outstretched arm, representing the light of freedom, the seven spikes on the crown representing both the seven continents of the world, and the broken chain around the ankle, representing, well, the chains of bondage. The statue would also be holding a tablet with the date of independence commemorated (mistakenly thought to be the 10 Commandments, most historians say it simply represents laws of the new world made by free men, not their masters.)

Dedicated on October 28, 1886, the French statue was assembled atop a pedestal built in America, funded mainly by private donations (think of it as “crowdfunding”.) Years later, a poem by a socialist was added to make it an immigration symbol, and there you go.

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Well. All done, in little over a page. Except we are not done. I promised you strange theories, and theories you are gonna get.

Now, the men involved are not in dispute. Their motivation and symbology, however, seem to a matter of slight contention. You see, Bartholdi was a freemason (Eiffel was rumored to be as well, despite any concrete evidence,) and as all know, freemasons are behind all things evil. In point of fact, many large monuments, buildings, and public works had freemason involvement to some degree. So it is not a surprise that a plaque does exist on the cornerstone, laid by William A. Brodie, Grand Master of Masons of New York (Hell, George Washington laid the one on the U.S. Capitol.)

Freemasonry and the Illuminati (yes, they are involved here too, because of course they are) is the notion of receiving the light. Much like Prometheus giving humankind fire, the Statue of Liberty is an expression of a new land dedicated to piercing the darkness of repressive governments and religion. The torch is not simply illuminating the way to a new nation, but indeed a new future for all humankind. In fact, the broken chain was not simply an allusion to chattel slavery, but slavery of the mind (fair enough, a little grandiose, but I’m still onboard.)

The crown’s spikes were not calling to the seven continents, but an expression of the seven liberal arts and sciences that make up the freemasons (freemason means free and accepted masons, they are not just brick layers, you know. Hell, there is a movie that said Jack the Ripper was one. Had Johnny Depp and everything.)

As for the tablet, it could still very easily represent the law. Freemasons involved in the planning and construction of the monument would honor law, as they do hold the concept of law in high regard. So again, Nothing creepy. Yet.

Freemasonry revers logic, reason, and law, so this narrative isn’t really that far-fetched. In fact, it is only a slight difference. So good so far, no conspiracies, no controversy.

Then it gets a little strange.

It is not, in fact, Libertas depicted in copper in that harbor, but a lady who goes by the name Ishtar. Not, in fact, just a horrible movie from the 80’s, Ishtar is a goddess in her own right. While she does share the aspects of freedom with Libertas, hers is more of the “personal freedom” (as in “personal ads” from those seedy magazines with the paper covers.) Ishtar was also the goddess of sex and sex workers.

Here is where the two get intertwined. Ishtar was the goddess of harlots and exiles. Exiles were therefore immigrants. The theory goes that the Statue of Liberty is therefore not solely dedicated to freedom from government, but to freedom from morality. It is not immigrants fleeing poverty but those of, shall we say, “lower virtue,” that are being implored to arrive.

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The torch is providing illumination of the morning star. Those Catholics among us know from Sunday School that Morning Star is the Lucifer (the devil, you say!) The slavery being rejected is not merely from a government or a way of thought, but one of the very soul. Any true goddess of freedom would surely reject an omnipotent God that demands adoration and praise, so the theory goes that the monument is a rejection of God himself.

This is not without merit, as the modern church of Satan (sorry, I cannot capitalize that title, as I am not a fan of brimstone,) does in fact declare they are not worshippers of Satan, they in fact worship nothing. They believe they are gods of their own reality, not subject to the morality nor judgement of others.

As for the crown, well those seven spikes? Those represent the seven headed beast from Revelation. They represent the seven trumpets that sound and the seven seals that break, as well as The seven deadly sins.

It is not so much the crown that is interesting in this theory, but the head it rests upon. Sharp features, long hair, angelic in appearance? Well, Lucifer was the first angel, after all (you can’t spell “fallen angel” without “angel.”) So, the theory goes that the monument is not simply to a pagan goddess, but to the actual enemy of the Lord himself!

This makes sense when viewed through the lens of the “Lightbringer” narrative. For it is not worship of the devil, but the rejection of God. This rather blasphemous mountain of copper and steel is a denial of religion, morality, and all forms of otherworldly constraints.

As an aside, the chains on the ankle? Those are not our broken chains from England, nor humankind’s chains from slavery, they are Satan’s chains from Heaven.

As for the monument to nihilism, excess, and selfishness? Well, consider just what’s coming out about our current leaders and celebrities and suddenly the notion of the elites of the 19th Century would certainly be capable of depravity. Couple the naughty elites with the fact that many of them were freemasons creating a monument to commemorate a revolution and creation of a nation, and it is not so far-fetched.

So, enjoy your stroll through New York knowing that there is a chance, albeit a miniscule one, that you are under the gaze of the Eternal Enemy himself, his infernal gaze following your every move.

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