Just Got Off The Phone: Nov 4th Riots Are Looking BAD!


Just Got Off The Phone: Nov 4th Riots Are Looking BAD! or Not So … ?

Sharing a friend’s post:

I don’t know how true this is, but I read everything and I pay attention to everything that is being said.. You decide…


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Just got off the phone with a friend, looks like the new black panthers organization has confirmed they will be part of Nov 4th riots and chaos, BLM has just received almost 25 million for weapons and other tools to supply groups that plan to attack ” white people ” on nov 4th. It is expected there will be over 5 million people in 6 states. The FBI has seen a 1200% up tick in registered democrats buying weapons and mass ammunition. The group called ANTIFA has now reached just over 800,000 members, mostly kids with ages from 16-28 throughout the country. FB will be used as the most cost effective way to transmit locations to attack. Ms-13 has pledged all of there members will join the BLM along with many other gangs.

We have less time then you may think and it is possible the attacks may begin on Halloween night around 12 midnight. I have heard of reports that president Trump is very aware of what is going to happen and knows Oscumba is directly behind this with the Clintons. Most of us are aware of the corruption that has been going on and to be honest the democrats know what’s coming and have no choice other then destroy this country to avoid being prosecuted for what they have done. Truth be told they never figured Trump would win and would rather destroy this country then face what they have done. Trillions of dollars have been spent to change the face of this country, please patriots as of next week you should really consider leaving big city’s if you are white or a patriot.

. He also may make a public speech asking the A source has told me that Trump has deputized over 4 million military people and are training with special forcesmilitias and patriots to stand down and not get involved as they will not be able to tell who is on who’s side. I would use the standard code of preserve and protect your property and family. I truly never thought this could happen in this country, but as I look around the world and see wars everywhere and civil unrest in many country’s I guess it can happen here. I will tell you this I will be heading for West Virginia on nov1 as I will be with good strong patriots.

My final thought is if you can escape out of the big city’s and be with friends that weekend I would strongly suggest you strongly consider it. My motto is simple, better safe then dead. I pray many of you listen and take this as real as it gets. Like I said in the past, they NWO will not have mercy on anyone…good luck America

Thank You Bobby Cipriani

If anybody has any updates, pictures or video from these riots, please CONTACT US!

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