The Truth About Trump vs. DeSantis


Donald Trump is hated by the Globalists while DeSantis (the Ivy League Frat Boy) is loved the by the Globalists. That should make the decision quite easy …

WATCH: President Trump’s Powerful Speech at CPAC 2023

Conservatives Attend The Annual CPAC Event

Trump overwhelmingly wins CPAC’s Republican primary straw poll with DeSantis coming in a distant second … Read More …

Watch Here: AG Merrick Garland Gets Absolutely Mutilated by Senator Hawley’s Congressional Grilling

Senate Hears Testimony From Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein On Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

PROOF That Biden Fraudulent Administration ‘Weaponized’ Justice Department Against Conservative Christians … Read More …

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EXCLUSIVE: Notable Patriot Speaks Out About Charity Work on EA Truth Radio

Eagle With American Flag Flies In The Sunny Sky

Who’s Helping East Palestine, Ohio While The Gov. Does NOTHING? … Western Chauvinists! … Listen to Full Interview Here!

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The Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell “John Does” – This Is NOT Epstein’s List


There are approximately 165 “John Does”. These are not all perpetrators. The vast majority are witnesses … Read More Here …