Leftists Threaten Comedian Who Questioned Whether Clintons Behind Epstein Death


Ever since President Trump retweeted me, people have been sending me death threats, threatening me every single day … Read More Here!

Epstein’s Lawyer: He Was in ‘Great Spirits’ Day Before Death


Epstein’s Last Words to Lawyer: ‘I’ll See You Sunday’ … Jeffrey Epstein was in “great spirits” Friday before his death, offering no signs

Epstein to Name Individuals Involved in Underage Sex in Return For 5 Year Maximum Sentence


Disgraced sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is set to give up the names individuals who paid for underage sex in return for a maximum prison sentence

It’s Even Bigger Than Epstein: Could Bill Clinton Be Next?


It wasn’t that long ago that Donald Trump told Sean Hannity that this would happen … READ MORE HERE!

Jimmy Carter ‘Senile’ at 94: Trump Is Only In The White House Thanks To Russians


Share Tweet Share Share Share Share ShareAt 94 Years Old, Is Former President Jimmy Carter SENILE or Just PLUM CRAZY? This wouldn’t be so interesting if it weren’t for the FACT that President Trump was […]

Obama, The President Who Actually Committed a Crime In 2016


Share Tweet Share Share Share Share ShareObama, The President Who Actually Committed a Crime In 2016 There is a president who covered up a crime. It wasn’t Donald Trump. It was Barack Obama. That’s right, […]

When Speaking Out Against Corruption Is ‘Against Community Standards’


… they are stepping outside Constitutional power and more less acting “corrupt”, then its the DUTY OF THE CITIZEN TO PUT THEM BACK IN CHECK