NFL Ratings Sacked As Season Opener Fails To Draw Viewers


‘woke’ Major League Baseball dropped over 30% – which joined the ‘woke’ NBA in a ratings disaster.

Senator Introduces Anti-Big Tech Legislation To Protect Conservative Media


Under Hawley’s bill, users who believe the provider is not ‘operating in good faith’ by consistently and fairly applying its content rules could sue

Joe Biden Had Signs Of Early Onset Dimentia Even Before He Endorsed Trump


What happened to common sense? THE MAN ENDORSED TRUMP! How can he still be running?

Missouri Lawmaker Pushes For Digital Driver License on Phone


“From the other states that have implemented this, they have not had any kind of security concerns as of yet,” said Joshua Shewmaker

Missouri House Rep Jason Smith Says Pelosi Is “Paralyzed With Hatred”


Share Tweet Share Share Share Share ShareMissouri House Rep Jason Smith Says Pelosi Is “Paralyzed With Hatred” via MO Republican House Representative Jason Smith: On Tuesday, Speaker Pelosi announced that she and her liberal lieutenants […]

America Cracks Down On Powerful Drug Fentanyl


Even as drug overdose deaths are declining for the first time in nearly 30 years, a flood of fatal fentanyl is washing over America, Senior Counselor

New Executive Order by President Trump Tackles Kidney Disease


Share Tweet Share Share Share Share SharePresident Trump refuses to accept the status quo on one of America’s deadliest diseases Across America, 37 million patients suffer from chronic kidney disease. Each year, more than 100,000 […]