Was The Man Who Leaked Hillary’s Emails, Seth Rich MURDERED BY CLINTON CRONIES?


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It was a robbery but they didn’t take his wallet?

Was The Man Who Leaked Hillary’s Emails, Seth Rich MURDERED BY CLINTON CRONIES?

Western Journalism reports:

Although the District of Columbia police and the family of the victim are satisfied with believing that former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was killed last July in a robbery gone bad, a Texas congressman wants a federal investigation into any possible connections between Rich’s murder and the leak of DNC documents.

Rich was found murdered on July 16. Although his wallet was not taken, police eventually decided he was killed during a robbery attempt.

Not long after Rich’s death, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange hinted Rich might have had a convection to WikiLeaks and posted a reward for information leading to the arrest of Rich’s killer. Speculation about a Rich-WikiLeaks connection snowballed when Fox News published a story alleging he sent WikiLeaks 44,0000 emails. Fox later retracted the story. Rich’s family has insisted Rich never leaked documents and has asked that the story be dropped.

I Have The Truth in “Donna Brazile, Who Helped Hillary Cheat in Debate, Is Involved in Seth Rich Case!” has this to say:
Of course the MSM and the Democrats would like nothing better than to have us all believe that Donald Trump won the election because…’The Russians did it’! That’s their false narrative and they’re stickin’ with it, whether you believe it or not.

On July 22, just 12 days after Rich’s death and days before the Democratic Party Convention in Philadelphia, WikiLeaks released 20,000 emails from DNC officials.

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Those leaked emails revealed, among other things, that the DNC tried to tip the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and prevent Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders from becoming the party’s nominee. The leaks were cited by some Democrats as one explanation for Clinton’s election loss. Many accused the Russians of “hacking” and turning the tide for then-GOP candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

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In one email released by WikiLeaks, Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta said he’d like to “make an example” out of the person who leaked the emails.


Screenshot - 5_27_2017 , 4_52_53 PM wikileaks tweet podesta words to clinton seth rich

“My fear is our constant focusing on the Russians is deflecting away for some other things that we need to be investigating,” Rep. Blake Farenthold said Wednesday in an interview on CNN. “There’s still some question as to whether the intrusion of the DNC server was an insider job or whether or not it was the Russians.” (Western Journalism continues …)


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