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Suddenly It’s October 4, 1955 All Over Again … Is Your Bomb Shelter Ready?


What’s The Deal With The China Spy Balloon?

Suddenly It’s October 4, 1955 All Over Again … Is Your Bomb Shelter Ready?

by H. Michael Sweeney | Staff Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

IMAGE SCREENSHOT / world101.cfr.org

On that date, as America was regularly practicing Duck and Cover against Soviet nuclear attacks, as if actually survivable, the first earth satellite, Sputnik, overflew the United States… sending large numbers of the population into panic, many seeking bank loans for bomb shelters, and requiring reassurances in the news that it was just a grapefruit-sized radio beeper, after all. But it was the first shot across our bow, in the Space Race, showing that the Russians were not only in the game, but ahead of us.

Today, China is in the game, and panic has once more seized many of us, as an extremely large Chinese spy balloon, claimed to be a weather balloon, we have been told, which somehow managed to navigate its was from China, to Alaska, to Canada, to Montana, to the very center of the United states (Missouri), at an altitude of 60,000 feet… an excellent altitude and location for an EMP attack, which I so warned of as technical possibility, in my public posts on social media. Still here, of course, using my computer, so no ‘blast,’ yet, and likely there will be none — as wise enemy strategy would dictate first, to test if such were possible, before risking an act of war which might go wrong and backfire, forcing US response putting China on defensive, rather than offensive posture.

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According to Dutchsinse, who specializes in forecasting earthquakes with alarming accuracy rates (i.e., within 2oo miles, ± .5 magnitude, and variously, a 3 to 10 day specific time frame)… he was able to track the balloon using weather radar data available online, where I am watching him, live, as I type. He shows it a credible assumption, confirmed in his local news reports on TV. He mentioned something not generally known, but a few days ago, he had learned multiple balloons had been sighted over the U.S., with no public acknowledgement by government agencies, and therefore, no knowledge available as to who or what the was the source and purpose.

But TODAY, is vastly different, in that the military was fully aware of and, along with various civilian resources (TV stations, jet pilots and passengers) reporting its existence and travels as it laboriously made its way to potential ‘ground zero,’ quite mimicking the way Sputnik overflew with hours of like advance notice, such that most of America was able to see it with good eyes or mild lenses, in the night sky. Your’s truly, in fact. This is a source of extra worry, today, however. Why? Three reasons:

UPDATE: Dutchsinse just announced the Balloon has slowed down within 60 miles of his location, in central Missouri. Ground Zero bullseye.

  1. Because some several years ago, as I’ve written of elsewhere, the top Chinese Red Army General had publicly stated that war with the U.S. was inevitable, and it was simply a matter of best opportunity for initiative… which in military terms, means FIRST STRIKE. The significance of that is currently amplified by intelligence analysis of current Chinese military activity which suggests they are preparing to invade Taiwan, with which the U.S. has a mutual defense treaty.
  2. Because some months ago an Americn Top General told his Chinese counterparts he would ‘warn them’ if we were about to attack. This came after President Biden and, before him, Obama, had purged the top brass in the military for Democrats, and pussified the branches with pronouns, self-identity alphabets, sex change options, inclusivity, critical race theory, and other socialism aka soft-communism political BS. Biden, instead of building a military able to deal with China, is tearing them down, and neutering them (literally, and figuratively).
  3. Because some days ago, an American Top General has said war with China was likely within two years. The significance of this is, that not only is our military busy examining its sexual navel and moral posture, President Biden has given away the bulk of our reserve munitions and weapon systems to Ukraine criminals, for the sake of kickbacks through FTX. In like manner, he has squandered our nation’s emergency oil reserves on both Ukraine and to reduce the price of gas, which only increased because of his disastrous energy policies. We therefore now have insufficient oil reserves to wage a serious war.
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But the scariest matters are what else happened today… NOTHING! The military knew it was over US airspace over the Aleutian Islands, and did not shoot it down. The knew it was Chinese, even then, and they knew it was not your typical weather Balloon as they would claim. They knew it was over Alaska with vast empty areas and still did not shoot it down as it approached and potentially threatened populated areas, as well as the HAARP installation said to be key to our submarine communications system. They Knew it was over Canada, parts also sparsely populated, and did not ask permission of Canada to shoot it down, or if they would be so kind (likely not).

They even knew it was over Montana, and only THEN did they even acknowledge its existence, origin, and nature, and yet, despite all that knowledge, when asked about shooting it down, said no… because ‘the projected debris field might cause damage or casualties on the ground.’ Excuse me? A Mylar balloon, and some solar panels? The White House response was just as lame, worried about ‘waiting for the Chinese to respond to inquiries.’

Here’s a thought, putting on my James Bond movie script international conspiracy hat: I happen to know the U.S. has tech that would KNOW if there was a nuclear weapon aboard that balloon, or not. The ONLY logical reason not to shoot it down in Act One, when they had the chance, is if they KNEW it was a weapon, and feared the radiation level would reveal it as such to us all, and force a State of unwanted War. That also implies (it not having gone off when well positioned), that it was intended to be a blackmail bargaining chip, in Act Two, forcing us to disavow and back out of our agreement with Taiwan, unilaterally, leaving Act Three’s climax very unfortunate for Taiwan. Meanwhile, as the end credits roll, the Chinese balloon then continues on its merry way to oblivion within the news, and a likely recovery at sea by a Chinese Sub… because with Biden, there is no new James Bond actor yet available to spoil the plot!

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FINAL UPDATE: We are all dead and dying. The EMP went off, in our imaginations, with no actions whatsoever undertaken by the Biden government, at any point in the threat scenario. Had this been a war game, that is exactly the outcome which would have been pronounced. Please do not invite me to your funeral. I’ll be busy as guest of honor, at my own.


  • H. Michael Sweeney

    H. Michael Sweeney is a retired privacy/security consultant who specialized in and has worked with some 12,000 stalking victims over several years. He is author of 9 books, 3 relating to privacy/security how-to helps, and 5 relating to crimes of the New World Order and America’s dark bumps in the night. Currently, he continues to offer help to the 12,000,000 stalking victims out there by operating the Free Will Society, through which he can be reached directly by email or phone: freewillsociety.wordpress.com.  Because at least three of his books have been book vanished by CIA and others in Europe, they are currently only available as ebooks, direct. 100% of sales of his books (pay what you think it is worth) go directly to fund the Society, where he draws no salary, and offers a FREE Helps Kit to victims on request.

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