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The Corona ‘Casedemic’ Vaccine Fiasco


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The mRNA clot shots are part of the worst scams of the 21st century

The Corona ‘Casedemic’ Vaccine Fiasco

by Morris Muthama | Staff Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

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A story is told of a monkey who bid his lovely wife farewell to go and eat cement and, after that, take some Sodom apples as fruits. When the monkey’s wife tried asking him to abort the mission, she was muzzled, and none of her suggestions would be listened to. Later in the day, when Mr. Monkey had eaten cement to his satisfaction, crunched Sodom apples, and drank several gallons of water, reality dawned on him that his rectal system had lost function. The damage could not be undone, and his pride was beginning to shrink. Perhaps, COVID-19 apologists have similarly reached a cul-de-sac, and their “science” has kissed obscurity. Tremendous evidence has emerged suggesting that vaccines have legal implications on the cardiovascular system and are causing sudden deaths. Some of them already suffered from the virus in what seemed like God, reminding them that He is still in charge of the affairs of men. Slowly, their arguments keep losing relevance, and the formerly criticized “antivaxx” section of the population keeps getting vindicated. Today, there is a massive campaign for the prosecution of Anthony Fauci and the criminal syndicate that meted out suffering on humanity in the pretext of their faulty science.

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The COVID-19 plandemic dealt a significant blow to healthcare systems globally due to its onslaught against evidence-based medicine. World governments, the mainstream media, and other global players colluded to push narratives concerning the pandemic and ended up enforcing ethically problematic and scientifically redundant mitigation strategies. For instance, vaccines remain one of the major controversies surrounding the Wuhan pandemic, and the world must never forget what globalists and their stooges did in the name of science. The imposition of vaccine mandates severely damaged livelihoods and destroyed the careers of intelligent Americans who questioned the efficacy of the shots popularized by Biden, who had suffered from COVID-19 despite having received the jab and booster shots.

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The mRNA clot shots are part of the worst scams of the 21st century. There are various lethal implications that mRNA shots elicit, and these include antibody-dependent enhancements, deaths, and anaphylaxis. Besides, mRNA COVID vaccines have been faulted for being crucial risk factors for the development of myocarditis, thus rendering their safety questionable. While writing this, I am aware that science has been misused in pursuing economic, cultural, and political ends. However, exposing the evil perpetrated through vaccines does not amount to the politicization of science. Real science promotes evidence-based medicine. Science cannot kill intelligence, muzzle curiosity, and institutionalize despotism. The uptake of these “vaccines” has significantly reduced since the lies told by COVID apologists are crumbling one after the other. Times are perilous, and evil has engulfed the world. Wickedness wants to prevail, but we must rise to confront it.

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