NXIVM Founder Keith Raniere Found Guilty of Sex Trafficking & Enslaving Women


Raniere was at the top of the cult’s sexual pyramid scheme involving sex slaves, say prosecutors … read more!

Blood of Jesus Tested in Laboratory – RESULTS Will BLOW Your MIND …


Share Tweet Share Share Share Share ShareBlood of Jesus Tested in Laboratory – RESULTS Will BLOW Your MIND … The video speaks for itself. Share Tweet Share Share Share Share Share

Rumors Are The Next White House Press Secretary Is ‘STONE-COLD KILLER’


The DailyWire reports … ‘STONE-COLD KILLER’: Name Of Potential Sarah Sanders Replacement Emerges! Read more here …

BOOK BURNING! Youtube Removes Video About Pinterest’s Censorship of Christian


YouTube removes journalist’s video about Pinterest’s censorship of Christian, pro-life content—without explanation! This is modern-day BOOK BURNING!

‘It’s so easy to Google “Creepy Biden”‘

Carter delivers acceptance speech as new US Secretary of Defense in Washington

“It’s so easy to Google ‘Creepy Biden’ and you get all these compilations of pictures and video evidence of young women and women looking very, very uncomfortable,”

Two Former Republican Lawmakers Found Shot Dead At Home In Same Week


Two Republican state Senators were found shot dead in their homes this week. Read more …