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This is Andy’s LIVE Show from Thursday, January 26, 2023. Thank YOU for tuning in & helping to KEEP THE TRUTH ONLINE!

Combatting Satan’s Strategy to Seduce Gen Z


Fewer than half of Millennials and Gen Z attend church weekly, and Gen Z is the least religious generation in America …

How Governments Pay People to Discredit So Called “Misinformation Spreaders”


Governments cannot win on the facts. So they engage in disinformation campaigns against the people telling the truth …

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Things You Should Know about Traditional Vaccines


Things you should know about vaccination – all vaccinations, before the onslaught of experimental Covid gene therapy drugs …

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FDA Easing Restrictions For Gay Men Wishing To Donate Blood

New Yorkers Celebrate Gay Pride With Annual Parade

A lifetime ban was put in place during the AIDS epidemic over fears of HIV transmission. The new guidelines would ask all potential donors …