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Celebrating The Life of DIAMOND Who Has Gone Into Eternal Glory …


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Tribute to Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway Richardson, “Diamond” of “Diamond and Silk” … We Will See You Again In Heaven One Day

Celebrating The Life of DIAMOND Who Has Gone Into Eternal Glory …

by H. Michael Sweeney | Staff Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

IMAGE VIA fox5atlanta.com

Diamond passed of unstated causes at the age of 51, sparking a heart-felt wave of accolades and testimonies celebrating her life, in the face of the loss of a rising legend of, not just Diamond, but of the duo team, Diamond and Silk. The loss is all the greater given the blow to the dynamic media team’s ‘act,’ which elevated them to champions of conservative values. One of Diamond’s most ‘quoted’ remarks says it all:We classy, and we sassy, but if you cross us, things may get a little nasty!

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If anything, ‘Diamond’s’ death puts an exclamation point on the lives of the two sisters making up the dynamic group. But a question mark, too, leaving many to wonder is Silk will find a way to continue on, either as solo, or perhaps with one of her three other siblings. If so, it would both honor Diamond, and in no way diminish her body of work, clearly revealing a passion and sincerity which cannot be denied, even by those who disagreed with her views. But speculation serves little; this is a time to grieve, and heal, and reflects the nation’s need to heal the divide between left and right, a topic the duo have more than once spoken of.

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Many liberals enjoyed their early YouTube efforts as Black Lives Matter supporters, the pair being registered Democrats in 2012. Two of their videos, touching on racism, garnered a total of some 48,000 views. However, by 2015, they had started supporting Donald Trump, leading to an explosion in popularity, even retaining many (and converting some) Liberal voters. One can find hundreds of their vlogger videos and excerpted reposts at YouTube, seven of which have had a million or more views. Their current total of followers across all social media exceeds 5.5M. This, despite the fact that Facebook at one point flagged their account as ‘Unsafe,’ but after an outcry voluminous to enough to eventually have cosponsored a Congressional Investigation (see below) on Censorship, had to apologize and rescind. Twitter, of course, blocked their account for like cause, all pre Musk rescue efforts for the crippled left-winged Bluebird.

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Millions more have seen them as guests or even featured regulars on a variety of live TV shows and events, including three years as co-hosts on Crystal Clear (NewsMax), and regular appearances on Fox Nation, until Fox succumb to censorship pressure for the duo’s having dared to speak against the official lies pushed constantly about COVID, masks, vaccines, and the damage caused by lockdowns. Countless guest appearances, commonly multiple appearances, on dozens of Internet and broadcast radio helped introduce the team to millions more. The pair even coauthored Uprising: Who the Hell Said You Can’t Ditch and Switch? — The Awakening of Diamond and Silk (Regnery Publishing), a top seller.

Speaking at the 2018 NRA Annual Meet, Diamond said “We don’t need to rewrite the Constitution, you need to reread the Constitution!” — thereby bringing the house down. Invited to appear before the House Judiciary Committee in its review over Internet censorship, Democrat Representative Sheila Jackson Lee treated the duo as if under Congressional Investigation, trying to make them out as liars, because Lee repeatedly failed to understand that the 11th of the month precedes the 12th on most calendars, resulting in the conclusion, ““If Sheila Jackson can’t figure out that the number 11 comes before 12 and the number 12 comes after 11, then we advise Ms. Nasty Jackson to go back to preschool or retire.”

Almost any of their videos also reveal the basis of their popularity. They ‘told it like it is,’ with clarity and humor Mark Twain would have been jealous of. At times, riotous humor worthy of any comedy act one might care to name… with biting political truth well delivered amidships. Their lively banter, in marked Martin-and-Rowan style, typically featured Diamond (Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway Richardson), doing most of the speaking, with Silk (Nerneitha Rochelle Hardaway Richardson) providing concluding remarks and a lot of visual body-language support. Watching them tended to be an adventure into the unexpected, where one could encounter lively in-depth expository of political complexities to hit-and-run one liners, all of it difficult to deny, no holds barred.

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Though never officially associated with the Trump Campaign, they were potent promoters and were immediately embraced by Donald Trump, literally and figuratively, especially once in the Oval Office. They did appear in one of his campaign commercials, and in person at his huge Fayetteville and Raleigh, Rallies in North Carolina, there described at the ‘Stump for Trump Girls.’ Trump’s comments upon her death were highly laudatory and appreciative.

Diamond’s death, in the absence of any forthcoming cause being stated, other than ‘unexpected,’ has already raised questions as to if COVID or vaccine related, even by leftist enmeshed media, such as Neweek. Raised by both parents, Freeman and Betty Willis Hardaway, both televangelical pastors in Fayetteville, Diamond is additionally survived by her four sisters.

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