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WATCH HERE — The ReAwaken America Tour Comes to Miami, FL — Trump Doral Hotel May 12th & 13th


The ReAwaken America Tour at Trump Hotel in Miami, FL Streamed LIVE Right Here on Eternal Affairs Media … Bookmark & Come back May 12th & 13th …

WATCH HERE — The ReAwaken America Tour Comes to Miami, FL — Trump Doral Hotel May 12th & 13th

It’s Always Been GOD’S PLAN!


If you haven’t been following this HUGE Patriotic Movement, you’re really missing out! This is The Great Reset vs. The Great Awakening! God’s plan!

Clay Clark was prophesied by the Late Kim Clement over a decade ago when Kim prophesied about President Trumpdon’t miss out on Clay Clark’s Reawaken America Tour!

… Tune in right here May 12th & 13th …

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You will always catch General Flynn and Eric Trump among many others such as …

Prophet Amanda Grace, Sean Feucht, Dr. Eric Nepute, Pastor Mark Burns, Dave Scarlett of HIS Glory, Lara Trump, Peter Navarro, Donne’ Clement Petruska, Jackson Lahmeyer with Pastor’s for Trump, Steve Schultz with Elijah List, Mike Lindell, Pastor Greg Locke, Stella Immanuel, Kash Patel, Devin Nunez, Prophet Julie Green and MANY MANY MORE BIG PATRIOT NAMES LEADING THE REVIVAL!!!

Bookmark and Come back right here …


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