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Hunter’s Laptop From Hell: Naughty Nitties and Gritties… Shining a Bright Light on The Corruption


Ephesians 5:11 (ESV) “11 Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.”

Hunter’s Laptop From Hell: Naughty Nitties and Gritties… Shining a Bright Light on The Corruption

by H. Michael Sweeney | Associate Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

IMAGE VIA dailymail.co.uk

In our prior review of the ludicrous, insidious… and treasonous nature of the Hunter ‘Laptop from Hell,’ and the resulting conspiratorial weaponization of the FBI* and CIA* to cover up the matter and manipulate the election in its own totalitarian version of treason, I deliberately left out the juicy details about the actual Report contents. The intent in that article was to focus on the histories of each of those two aspects of the matter, and what they revealed apart from the data content. Today, we talk data content, and the nature of the Report as a picture of a Biden crime family. Hardcore data, in fact, though excluding the literal hardcore sex on the drive.

*BREAKING: Monday the 20th of Dec., as I type this addendum, the radio announced that Twitter records show that FBI had also launched a disinfo effort about the Laptop through Twitter executives, resulting in manufactured tweets (fake Twitter accounts) implying it a hack of fake material. FBI was not cited as source, and though they held the laptop in their possession at the time, and had (they claim) not yet examined it, they still purported to Twitter their confidence it was a hack.

Make no mistake, and I’ll not apologize for it, but I am angry and it will reflect in this article. Not just due criminality detailed herein, but also because I used to be a Democrat. But of late, especially as amplified by Hunter’s Laptop, there appears to be very little of what the word used to mean, in the great bulk of what today’s Democrat leadership says and does. So yes, I have a dog in the fight. Several, actually: Truth, Justice, the American Way, Freedom, Constitution, Fair Elections, and National Security, to name a few.  

Ephesians 5:11 (ESV) “11 Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.”

An overview of the Report is indeed in order, that the reader may better judge its usefulness and viability, because there are many reviews elsewhere which either take liberties to undermine or slander its value and importance, or which inflate it unduly. It is certainly not fake or mere Trump propaganda as the Left attempts to claim, nor is it the gallow’s noose for anyone, as it sits. The reader would be wise to judge for themselves, just where the middle-ground lies, to include actually looking at the Report with some care.

In attempting this, we will reveal hard-core data in the doing, at least to the extent possible for the space allotted, and to keep from being bogged down in the endless minutiae. For there is no single smoking gun easily revealed in a single tidbit, though scattered caches of them would seem present across the Hunter-trotted globe. No. One has to assemble each treacherous and politically condemning ‘pistol’ (howitzer might be more apt, at times) from component parts spread out across dozens or even hundreds of files… more than 120,000 emails, alone, amid some 200 gigabytes of data. But there are also hours of lurid and condemning audio and videos of lust and other vices, and sensational conversations… a revealing browser history of like nature… and endless photos. All of it goes well beyond lurid matters, into socialized business interactions with cohorts of the criminal kind.

Yet such information alone proves nothing in a criminal investigation, because prosecutors need to know the evidence is genuine, and not planted, circumstantial, or being misinterpreted. It all has to be verified, which takes even more work by specialists, that we might rightly see the smoke. So the best you will likely find online, other than in the actual report, will be… like this effort… more of a summary.  

Due difficulties described herein in how the report is prepared, chiefly due complexities of legal and business-related language, as well as the density and scattered ties throughout, most media coverage sticks to summarized commentaries and bulleted points. Some are hatchet jobs seeking to grind political axes, left or right. But one should consider multiple sources, and judge for themselves, which is why I above admitted my own dog (axe) in the fight. Here, criminal concerns from numerous such summaries are combined and organized, without borrowing talking points, and augmented with my own observations from the Report, direct.

Fortunately, the Report itself is online: 634 pages with 2020 footnotes (Gosh! I only had a little over 1,500 in my entire four-book set, Fatal Rebirth, detailing crimes of the New World Order, from before JFK to 9-11, and beyond, if that gives you an idea of the depth of detail in the Report) detailing 459 alleged violations of state and federal law. Alledged, yes: everyone gets a day in court… even politicians who betray (everyone but cronies).

Marco Polo is a non-profit group set up for the Report’s creation, using direct 1:1 copies of the Laptop’s hard drive created by computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac, upon advice for self-protection against Biden’s weaponized FBI run amok with jack-bootitus. Isaac had already been badly harassed and threatened by leftists of the sort many have come to think of as Brown Shirts, in function, and was being treated coolly by FBI. The NY Post publicized his role in the matter, including his picture, effectively doxing him for a mob hating truth, but loving anything Biden.

Seeking help from public agencies, in a State run by Democrats, Isaac was left running in circles. The pressure and dirty tricks forced him to likely bankruptcy. Police posted for the purpose could not or would not stop the barrage of rocks thrown at his shop. Like most BLM and Antifa riots conveniently supplied with bricks on pallets, nearby, one must ask where rocks are found in the streets of New York? Isaac had to close it up and flee the State, for daring to report what certainly seemed like evidence of a multitude of serious crimes against the People of the United States, and beyond.

The Marco Polo effort requires telling, if the reader is to have confidence in their findings. The evidence chain-of-custody is solid from the point at which Hunter left his laptop for service, to the Report. The duplicate drives went direct from Isaac to former Mayor and Trump Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and Rudy’s lawyer, with the help and security advice of a former U.S. AirForce Officer. They in turn advised Donald Trump of their existence, who arranged for a number of people to form an investigative team to receive the Drive in a secure, controlled, and documented manner, to then cyber sleuth authenticity via professional forensic procedures, evaluate for evidence of wrong doing, and compile a report. The team started with two former Trump White House Aids: Steve Bannon, a co-founder of Breitbart News, and fmr. Navy Officer, and Garrett Ziegler. He is known for writing important reports for the White House and the public on government policies and election integrity, and was previously a Fellow at the John Jay College Institute. Ziegler would end up heading the team.

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Funding of about a quarter million dollars (speculation: from Donald Trump or supporters) was arranged. They spent $115,000 for a team of five technical investigative experts from various locations in America, and another $25,000 on specialized forensic methods. It should be noted that emails include point of origin to point of destination travel histories across the Web, with means available to verify or refute said data’s true travels (detect fakes). With misc. expenses, the final report cost $175,000, well under budget. It took 13 months from first-look to final report, starting in Sept. of 2021.

More than 4,000 copies were distributed, among them were every Member of both houses of Congress, every prosecutorial office in the United States with appropriate jurisdiction, specifically to include U.S. Attorney’s Offices. Every contact on the Laptop also got a copy (a morally and legally wise inclusion), which must certainly have tightened some jaws. OOPS!

It was also made available to media outlets, with more than 20 notable news sources responding with articles. The bulk of these were foreign papers, and the small handful of conservative and few remaining ‘neutral’ press outlets in America. Of the massive liberal controlled media, the only one of note daring to speak of it early on, was the New York Post, who gave it five brief paragraphs online, being careful to start with the words ‘Right-wing,’ as if they themselves were not ‘Left-wing.’ Others claim they never had it, and, apparently, they also have no Internet access, and don’t bother seeing what conservative or foreign media talks about, which they do. Hard-copy book versions of the Report are also being mass produced, to be made available to fund Marco Polo for further efforts, as detailed at the link cited above.

The Report’s Table of Contents proves interesting when you do the math to see how many pages are in a section of interest. Nearly 50 pages of business-crimes in China, and 40 for the Ukraine, for instance. But what is perhaps more interesting is where the two intersect… and how/why. As we mentioned in the prior article, one possible answer appears to be off-the-books gain-of-function bio-weapons research funded by America in both Countries, and seemingly tied to COVID. An organized sampling of such things is provided below, by country.

As stated, the report suffers some issues which make it difficult for we citizens to read and make sense of. Yet its presentation would seem to include elements randomly found throughout, in form closer to a blog-page, visually. This makes it less than satisfying to the sensibilities of either audience, in my opinion. Regardless, it hits hard, and should spark serious consideration by any right-thinking authorities (which would exclude most Democrat politicians), as well as patriots on both sides of the political spectrum. Only a fool would stick their head in the ground and rely only on one media resource’s evaluation as gospel, even mine, which considers over a dozen.

Biden, Joe:

Time to get more specific, with a look at some of the more interesting players and their connections. The Report makes references to matters involving Joe on behalf of Hunter, while Joe was V.P., not included, here. But there is sufficient material to allege six specific criminal violations involving Joe Biden. They primarily reflect tax evasion, violation of the Presidential Records Act (the very thing FBI, at Joe’s direction, sought and failed to reveal true of Trump in their raid of his home… also true of Congress who has been trying for years to do much the same), and misuse of his position for financial gain. Some of these involved disguised identity when communicating covertly with cohorts, including government officials in a wink-wink, nod-nod manner, to conceal the true intent and source of communications should they come under scruitiny. This is an exact example of how the Hunter Laptop becomes a Rosetta Stone. OOPS!

Biden, Hunter:

This is the meat of Rosetta, revealing international relationships (persons and entities) primarily involving Hunter, but also other Biden family members, including Joe. They are surveyed herein in ‘columns’ by country, and as such, reflect only a handful of the endless hanky-panky in the Report. Here, I’m not going to include ‘alleged’ or other caveats in each citation, but yes: nothing is yet proven in a court of law, and those cited have rights under the law they have yet to avail themselves of, other than the right to remain silent, perhaps. Also keep in mind that Hunter was a lawyer with his own Law Firm, and knew exactly what he was doing. And yet, still, OOPS!

Column C, CHINA:

Note: in the military-police state, Chinese firms are extensions of the Red Chinese Army. CEFC (an Chinese energy company) established a Hunter slush fund through Chinese oligarch, YE Jianming, tied to CAIFC, a business front catering to facilitating and monitoring activities of US and other foreign businessmen, for intelligence gathering purposes. President Xi Jinping’s pet international program, OBOR (One Belt, One Road) project acts as an influence conduit for Chinese interests in 76 countries, and as such, its resources and assets abroad were applied on Hunter’s behalf. Xi himself made various decisions in matters involving Hunter, through others. It appears Hunter was aware of some of this, such as efforts to involve Joe Biden in meetings or dialogs while in his various public office posts; the doorsteps of influence peddling and tying of Chinese strings to a White House occupant, and a motive for election meddling to put him there. In other cases, knowledge of Xi’s involvement was intended to be strategically withheld. OOPS!

Bohai Harvest and Bank of China partnered with both Joe and Hunter, and other cohorts on both sides, to create the investment firm BHR Partners, which funneled money to Bidens via money laundering conduits set up by Hunter in America (Column A), and the Chinese Bank of Cathay. Hunter also operated several firms using variants of the name, Rosemont Seneca (Seneca, herein, an equity investment firm). In China, it should be added, Hunter added Global Advisers to the name, in lieu of Partners, one of several variants employed in the America. Based only on superficial review of business news accounts, it appears there are at least six different Seneca firm names, a hallmark of CIA fronts with little desire for conducting any actual non-covert business. Seneca became a party as consultant in a $1.2B natural gas pipeline project in China, rather mirroring Ukraine’s Burisma in many ways. Xi Jinping was personally present at the signing of a contract with Seneca’s Chinese client, Wanxiang, and U.S. based GreatPoint Energy

Column U, UKRAINE:

Devon Archer, a Hunter cohort, is an American businessman who partnered with Hunter in Seneca, the first to take an executive post at Ukrain’s Burisma energy firm. He has separately been convicted of felony securities fraud and conspiracy, involving $23M in funds belonging to Native Americans. Hunter’s Burisma deal involved Archer and another Seneca variant, Rosemont Seneca Thornton (merged with Thornton Group, a U.S. management firm), bolstered by influence of President Xi Jinping, via CEFC, and OBOR. While in the Ukraine, Hunter made commitments for Joe Biden to meet with YE Jianming, approved by President Xi, likely a quid-quo-pro. Archer, and Hunter were paid millions by Burisma ‘for nothing’ which justifyied their high salaries.

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Also at Burisma was Christopher Heinz (‘ketchup heir, and son of Democrat Senator Henry J. Heinz III, and the stepson of Democrat Senator John Kerry), who was smart enough to cut and run before the money flowed ongoing at Burisma, and within hours of the Burisma deals, notified his Father through Aids at the State Dept., as Kerry was then Secretary of State. Therefore, the US Government and high-ranking Democrats knew about Hunter, et. al, at Burisma, well before anyone else. There is no plausible deniability remaining, as result. OOPS!

Meanwhile, Seneca was the firm eventually tied to the establishment of multiple bioweapons research efforts in the Ukraine, involving some $24M, some of which was undoubtedly consultation fees to Seneca. I find the sum a pittance, divided among multiple labs, and less useful for research costs, than for bribes or handling fees.

Russia had not yet invaded, of course, but it is interesting that Seneca-Thornton accepted $3.5M ‘consulting fee’ from a female Russian billionaire oligarch (Yelena Baturina), who had fled Russia to the UK after her husband, fmr. Mayor of Moscow, was put under investigation for corruption, using his political office to aid Yelena’s real-estate development empire. The matter was already being investigated by DHS for reasons unrelated to Burisma, but one speculates of possible ties to Ukranian pipelines to Europe. Such would compete with Russian Pipelines, the bulk of which flow through Ukraine, and which could be turned off with little recourse… short of war. One would think that CIA, ever friendly with U.S. oil firms, would be aware of any such complications, implying that the Bidens were also likely aware, and able to foresee profit opportunities in the makingeven desiring war. OOPS!

Column M, MEXICO:

Hunter and associate Jeff Cooper had business deals with Mexican billionaire oligarchs, Carlos Slim, Miguel Aleman Velasco, and Miguel Aleman Magnani. Cooper had earlier worked with Joe’s other son, Beau Biden (deceased), to make a lot of money thanks to then Senator Biden’s efforts in a Committee which enabled specific legalities required. In turn, Cooper let Hunter have a spot in his firm, Eudora, netting some $80K a year, plus $300K outright. Slim has large stakes in many industries, including Chinese firms doing business in Mexico, and American firms in the U.S., such as Barns and Noble, OfficeMax, Office Depot, Circuit City, Borders, and more. Valesco as the son of a fmr. Mexican President, is a Mexican politician and businessman with significant influence. Hunter has catered to Valesco seeking such influence for at least 7 years, involving him in family matters and Joe’s more public Presidential affairs whenever possible. Valesco founded a law firm with a partner targeted by a Mexican government investigation of fraud associated with a Chinese consortium’s rail project in Mexico. Valesco also partners in various ventures with Magnani, the two men related; Valesco’s father is Magnani’s grandfather. Magnani is best known for his airline and TV industry holdings, but the airline is now defunct and Magnani has fled Mexico, wanted for tax fraud related to the airline.

Column A, AMERICA:

James Biden, Hunter’s Uncle, was active in many of Hunter’s foreign deals, and had himself been under scrutiny for questionable matters. In America, Hunter and James attempted a literal ‘muscling in’ to seize control of Paradigm Global Advisors, an investment management firm run by and funded by Moonies cult members. It reads like a CIA or Mob takeover to establish a money-laundering front, but in the end, the deal failed as Paradigm was deemed unviable. In my mind, it mirrored Devon Archer’s effort to usurp control of Native American funds, instead targeting the Korean Unification Church.

Mobster/murderer Whitey Bulger’s nephew, Jim Bulger, was the son of a Democrat State Senator. He joined with Hunter’s Seneca in a joint-venture with China’s Bohai Capital to create BHR Partners, who with the Bank of China, facilitated the main-most windfall to Biden family and cohorts. In the end, Joe, Hunter, Heinz and Bulger are said to have netted the Biden family $100M, thereby. That represents a 10% share, with no visible true investment outlay… an unusually large ‘free ride,’ in casual business terms, perhaps the largest in the history of the World. Heinz also wisely backed out before the money flowed in earnest, which leaves me with three oopsie-like questions.

  1. What did the Bidens have to offer in a deal worth that much to China?
  2. Why was Heinz, of Burisma involved unless the deal was tied to something of interest to China also involving Ukraine?
  3. Was there something about Chinese involvement that caused Heinz to back out of both Burisma and the free ride, such as bioweapons research?

YE Jianming did send Hunter funds via multiple firms operated by Hunter consort, Hudson West III (functional money laundering), who then sent it to Hunter’s law firm (now defunct), Owasco. Some of the money (returned) was tied to representation of Patrick Ho, a Chinese man convicted of international money laundering.

Thus ends the summary, leaving this writer speechless, unable to add anything more, inhibited by prohibitions against profanity. Scripture, however, is quite relevant:

Isaiah 5:20 (ESV) “20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!


  • H. Michael Sweeney

    H. Michael Sweeney is a retired privacy/security consultant who specialized in and has worked with some 12,000 stalking victims over several years. He is author of 9 books, 3 relating to privacy/security how-to helps, and 5 relating to crimes of the New World Order and America’s dark bumps in the night. Currently, he continues to offer help to the 12,000,000 stalking victims out there by operating the Free Will Society, through which he can be reached directly by email or phone: freewillsociety.wordpress.com.  Because at least three of his books have been book vanished by CIA and others in Europe, they are currently only available as ebooks, direct. 100% of sales of his books (pay what you think it is worth) go directly to fund the Society, where he draws no salary, and offers a FREE Helps Kit to victims on request.

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