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Offended By Biblical Truth: UK Methodists Say Church Should Avoid ‘Hurtful’ Terms Like ‘Husband And Wife’


The Methodist “Church“should avoid hurtful terms such as “Church”

Ken Ham with Harbingers Daily reports:

IMAGE VIA The Harbingers Daily

“A person shall leave their parent and their parent  and hold fast to their partner, and they shall become one flesh.” You  might be wondering what on earth that supposed “translation” of Genesis 2:24  is for! Well, that’s how I imagine a minister in the UK’s Methodist  Church must have to read that passage now (if they read it at all!)  because the church has issued a guideline encouraging ministers to avoid “hurtful language” like “husband” and “wife” and other gendered terms.

Now, of course, Scripture, from the very beginning, is filled with  “gendered” language. In the creation account, we’re told that God  created male and female, and then the use of language throughout  Scripture mirrors and fleshes out the biblical truth that there are men  and women, boys and girls—and that’s a wonderful thing! It’s part of  God’s “very good” (Genesis 1:31) design.

Will some people be offended by the biblical truth that God created  male and female and designed marriage for one man and one woman for  life? Yes, some will be—but the truth is offensive to sinners!

EA Truth Media Editor’s Note:

The Methodist “Church“should avoid hurtful terms such as “Church”

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