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Here Are All the A-Listers Named in the Newly Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein Documents


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Resist The Mainstream reports:


On Monday, Manhattan federal Judge Loretta Preska ordered the release  of the sealed documents which include the names of approximately 170  individuals connected with Epstein.

The  notorious sex trafficker died under suspicious circumstances at the  Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan in 2019. His death was  ruled a suicide.

The  release of the list followed a multiyear battle in the courts. Some  view Preska as a hero, while others suggest the release of the names —  which include victims and people not connected to any crime — was  reckless.

The long list of names includes notable government leaders and entertainers. The New York Post reported, “The 40 newly-unsealed documents are part of a larger group of about 250 that are expected to be released in the coming days.”

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A summary of the so-called “A-list” names released thus far follows:

Prince Andrew: Andrew  reportedly paid a victim millions to settle charges out of court. He  was later stripped of his royal titles and responsibilities by the late  Queen Elizabeth II.

Former President Bill Clinton: Clinton’s name appears 73 times in court documents. The Independent reported  that though salacious accusations were made by defendants during court  proceedings, no charges were filed against the former president.

Former President Donald Trump: Trump’s  name appears in court documents in conjunction with property business  deals. When sexual abuse allegations involving Epstein surfaced in 2008,  Trump cut off all communication.

Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz: The  85-year-old Fox legal consultant was accused by a defendant of sexually  abusing several minors, but conflicting statements and a later  admission that she was not sure if Dershowitz was the man who  perpetrated the crimes, led to all charges being dismissed.

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Stephen Hawking was  accused by Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre of participating in an  Epstein-facilitated “orgy” with “underage” participants. Hawking, who  died in 2018, was never charged with a crime.

Former Vice President Al Gore: Giuffre  named Gore as a participant in sexual activity coordinated by Epstein.  During court proceedings, photos and videos of Gore with Epstein were  produced.

Former  New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: Victims V. Giuffre and J. Sjoberg  named Richardson as being a part of “Epstein’s circle.” Sjoberg  testified:I want to say that he was supposed to come  to dinner when we were in New Mexico. I don’t know if I met him. I  believe that he and Ghislaine had dinner separate from myself.”  Richardson died last September at age 75.

Financier Leslie Wexner:  Maxwell reportedly facilitated a sexual encounter between Wexner and a  minor in the 1990s. The Victoria Secret CEO admitted to having contact  with Epstein, but said in court that he “was never aware [Epstein was  involved in] illegal activity.”

Others  on the list include Jean-Luc Brunel, a notable modeling scout; Marvin  Minsky, a researcher and AI pioneer; the late entertainer Michael  Jackson; magician David Copperfield, Hyatt hotel chain owner Tom  Pritzker, Hedge Fund billionaire Glenn Dublin; French celebrity hair  stylist Frédéric Fékkai; former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak; actor  Kevin Spacey; Hollywood producer/director George Lucas; singer Naomi  Campbell; and actors Leonardo di Caprio, Cate Blanchett and Bruce  Willis.

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