Sudden Deaths Skyrocket as White House Pushes Untested Drugs


1,457,996 people have experienced an “adverse event” after getting their jab … Yet such statistics do not concern Joe Biden’s chief …

37-Year-Old Country Singer-Songwriter Dies in His Sleep Just Hours After His Wedding


Died Suddenly is The NEW News … According to the Oklahoman, Flint died in his sleep after exchanging vows with his bride …

22-Year-Old St. Ambrose University Basketball Player Dies Suddenly


Patrick Torrey was a senior at St. Ambrose University, where he studied psychology. Patrick was a leader on and off the court …

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Philippines Rejects UN Demand to Legalize Abortion, Divorce and Same-Sex Marriage


The Largely Christian Country’s Leaders Say They’re Not Ready For The Imposition of a Leftist Social Agenda … Read More …

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Corrupt Maricopa County Supervisors Vote Unanimously to Certify Rigged 2022 Election

Screenshot - 11_29_2022 , 2_47_02 PM maricopa county election fraudulently certified - the gateway pundit - screenshot

Testimony from citizens and voters went on for hours, but the County officials shamelessly followed through with certification …