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BREAKING: Canadian Freedom Convoy Organizer Arrested in Ottawa


Key organizers of the Canadian Freedom Convoy protest has been arrested in Ottawa. Barber is expected to face criminal charges …

Is Olympic Star Eileen Gu Guilty of Betraying America?

2022 Beijing Olympics - Victory Ceremony - Freestyle Skiing - Women's Freeski Big Air - Beijing Medals Plaza, Beijing, China - February 8, 2022. Gold medallist Gu Ailing Eileen of China celebrates on the podium. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

Someone like Eileen Gu? She’s from the United States. Born in San Francisco, Gu has a Chinese mother and an American father. Read more …

It Had To Be This Way … The People Are Waking Up … Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming


The Latest From X22 Report: The [DS] is panicking! Fear Is Real, Something Big Is Coming, Justice Is Coming For Hillary, Down She Goes!

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