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BREAKING: Canadian Freedom Convoy Organizer Arrested in Ottawa


Key organizers of the Canadian Freedom Convoy protest has been arrested in Ottawa. Barber is expected to face criminal charges …

Is Olympic Star Eileen Gu Guilty of Betraying America?

2022 Beijing Olympics - Victory Ceremony - Freestyle Skiing - Women's Freeski Big Air - Beijing Medals Plaza, Beijing, China - February 8, 2022. Gold medallist Gu Ailing Eileen of China celebrates on the podium. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

Someone like Eileen Gu? She’s from the United States. Born in San Francisco, Gu has a Chinese mother and an American father. Read more …

Combat Flip Flop

It Had To Be This Way … The People Are Waking Up … Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming


The Latest From X22 Report: The [DS] is panicking! Fear Is Real, Something Big Is Coming, Justice Is Coming For Hillary, Down She Goes!

Canadian Gov. Resorts to Financial Terrorism Against Peaceful Citizens, Threatens Trump Supporters


Canada Gov’t Targets Trump Supporters, Says They “Ought to Be Worried” About Bank Accounts Being Frozen … read more …

Major Clinton Scandal Ignored after Years of Covering Russia


The bombshell Durham report has exposed a major scandal for the Hillary Clinton campaign but has been completely ignored …

Biden on Ukraine Invasion: ‘I Will Not Pretend This Will Be Painless. There Could Be Impact on Our Energy Prices’


As If Biden Hasn’t Done Enough For Skyrocketing Gas Prices? … Tuesday, He said “There could be impact on our energy prices” …

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