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With Rumors of War Swirling, Ukrainian Christians Lift a Shield of Prayer and Worship


People are worried but we encourage them to look to Jesus with all of our might because it’s only through prayer that we can keep peace …

Veggie Only! UK School Bans Meat from Lunches Over Climate Fears


Parents have also been asked to refrain from including meat in lunches packed for their children … Read more here …

Combat Flip Flop

Top Facebook Employee Caught By Pedo Hunters, Confesses to Trying to Lure 13yo Boy for Sex


Miles, 35, allegedly communicated sexually explicit texts with a person who said they were a 13-year-old boy. He allegedly made plans …

Police Move on COVID-19 Trucker Protesters After Arresting Leaders


Live television footage showed police making at least eight arrests, without using any force … read more here …

Freedom Convoy Donor Threatened, Forced To Close Store After Private Info Leaked In GiveSendGo Hack


Everyday Canadian GiveSendGo donor now subject to intimidation and threats because the left cannot tolerate political wrongthink …

Demon Possessed Man Revealed as Freedom Convoy GiveSendGo Hacker


It’s a big-turn around for the anti-establishment Cottle, a one-time founder of the hacking group Anonymous. Read more here …

BREAKING NEWS: Multiple Blasts Striking Different Parts of Ukraine


There are reports of multiple explosions that have occurred in a couple different parts of Ukraine. Watch Video Here …

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