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Twitter Is Losing Their Audience After Letting Go Of Conservative Truther Liz Crokin

BREAKING: Twitter Permanently Bans Red Pill Truther, Liz Crokin

Liz Crokin is a Journalist and Activist who exposes elite pedophiles & child sex trafficking for a living. Specifically, Hillary Clinton & her crimes against children. Twitter just suspended her account after it reached 100k plus followers, she says, “This is the Real Liz Crokin, “Thanks”.

We feel you Liz. I had my account with 106,xxx followers permanently disabled plus 3 more accounts. That one I had been building since Twitter’s “early days”.

Screenshot - 11_26_2018 , 10_13_29 PM liz crokin twit account suspended

Screenshot - 11_26_2018 , 10_15_34 PM I heard gab comments liz crokinPeople are “jumping ship” according to one GAB comment, and another says “I came to Gab looking for you.”

Will all of this censorship be the end of Twitter?

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