Martial Law Because of ‘Invasion’ – “Trust The 5D Plan” – QAnon


This amazing work by SerialBrain2 will continue to show us where the moves are being played behind the scenes

Exposure to Cell Phone & Wireless WIFI Radiation Can Cause VIOLENCE – Study


All sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation exposure disrupt the blood-brain barrier which can cause it to leak

Baby Trafficking Ring Busted in Massive Raid – Five-Month Old Baby Girl Rescued

11818Peru-Image Credits World Wide Gifts World Wide Gifts - Wikimedia Commons

A massive raid of an alleged baby trafficking ring resulted in 14 arrests that included a former director of Peru

The Terrible Truth About Acid Reflux Disease


First of all, acid reflux is not a disease. It is an acquired condition which can be completely healed by eating properly

Want To Help A Veteran This Rifle Hunting Season? Here's How ...


Did you know the deer you take down could be used to support wounded veterans? Check out this program by the Elks

Midterms Are Over … What Did God’s Prophets Get Wrong?


Listen … The Midterms MAY NOT BE OVER!!! Watch Video and Support us today!