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Franklin Graham: The Storm Is Coming… Preach — Don’t Back Up, Don’t Make Excuses


“The storm is coming where we’re going to be off the radio and television and the internet,” Graham said … Read More …

Twitter Head Of Trust & Safety Gone After “Mistake” Banning Documentary


Following Elon Musk’s comments earlier that the cancellation of a deal to show Daily Wire’s ‘What Is A Woman?’ documentary …

New Bill Calls for a Federal Agency That Has “Disinformation Experts”


The bill proposes establishing a Code Council whose job would be to come up with voluntary or enforceable behavioral codes …

Keeping The Faith in These Turbulent Times on ‘Mars Bar’ w/Host Marsi Latimer ~ EA Truth Radio


!!! Airing For The 1st Time !!! This is Marsi’s RECORDED Show from Sunday, April 23, 2023!!! … Listen Here Now …

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Tucker Is ‘Out” at Mainstream FOX … What’s In Store For His Future Now?

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Appears At National Review Ideas Summit

An announcement from Fox News shared on social media Monday morning stated that “Fox News and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways.”

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