'Forbidden Information': Alex Jones Launches Nationwide Grassroots Campaign


Post photos of your efforts on social media under the hashtag #FreeInfowars or #IamAlexJones

Illegal Immigrant Charged With Handgun Claims 2nd Amendment Rights


After reviewing both sides of the argument including the prosecutor’s, this defendant actually has a valid case! Unfortunately …

Another City’s Entire Police Department Decides To Quit On Its Citizens …


Blandford, Massachusetts Police Department resigned last Friday after failure by the town’s officials to address their concerns

Why Are "3D Printed" Guns So SCARY? The TRUTH!

Screenshot - 8_8_2018 , 5_33_41 AM 3d printed ghost guns

You will see them around our streets, in our airports, our train stations, they are undetectable, untraceable … forget about the TSA guarding

It's Not About Whether You Like Alex Jones or Not - It's About FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

freedom of speech attacked hit hard

This isn’t about whether you like Alex Jones or believe in him or not. It’s about FREEDOM OF SPEECH: One of our valuable Constitutional rights

The Dangers of The New King James Version Bible: Illuminati New Age Influence!


Why we should only read the ORIGINAL KJV … Watch the video! below: