BREAKING: Russia Attacks Ukraine Thursday Morning


Cyberattacks & Sanctions Quickly Turn Into All Out War Thursday Morning

Putin Declares ‘Special Military Operation’ in Ukraine, Troops Move & Explosions Go Off

In Recent News (from Thurs. morning, less than 2 hrs ago), Time reports on MSN:

IMAGE SCREENSHOT / Aris Messinis /

The Russian military launched a multi-pronged assault on cities throughout Ukraine early Thursday morning, defying months of diplomatic efforts by the U.S. and its allies to deter the invasion, and triggering the greatest military crisis on the European continent since the Cold War. U.S. President Joe Biden denounced the attacks as “unprovoked and unjustified” and said, “The world will hold Russia accountable.”

… This Just In, reports:

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… The Globalists are rubbing their palms together in Utter Glee right now:

Don’t say their lives didn’t matter Biden …

and In Previous/Older News (from Wed. night), FOX News reports:

Key Ukrainian government websites are being disrupted Wednesday in a new cyberattack, an official says, a day after the U.S., U.K. and other western nations sanctioned Russia for their actions in the Donbas and Luhansk regions.

  • Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is warning its citizens across the border in Russia to depart “immediately” Wednesday as uncertainty surrounds Russia’s next military moves.
  • Russia has amassed more than 190,000 troops along the Ukrainian border, the U.S. says.
  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has told the United Nations Wednesday in New York that “we are at a critical juncture in world history and our actions today define it for decades to come.”

Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard tweeted Wednesday as Russian forces moved into Ukraine that the conflict could have possibly been avoided if Russian concerns about Ukraine joining NATO had been previously addressed.

“This war and suffering could have easily been avoided if Biden Admin/NATO had simply acknowledged Russia’s legitimate security concerns regarding Ukraine’s becoming a member of NATO, which would mean US/NATO forces right on Russia’s border,” Gabbard tweeted late Wednesday night.

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Gabbard’s tweet was retweeted over 10,000 times and liked over 30,000 times but also earned sharp pushback on Twitter.

Read More at MSN!

… and

Read More at FOX News!

This piece will continue to be UPDATED as the situation in Ukraine & Russia develops. Please check back for more.

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