Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Settlement Now Largest in US History

Attorneys in the Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy case have reached a tentative settlement … Insurer Agrees to $800M Settlement …

What is Jujitsu? Severe & Concise Brief’: Jujitsu Origins, History, Philosophy and Methods …

Jujitsu revolves around three basic states of mind … Conventional Jujitsu can be dangerous, or maybe even fatal if its fundamental techniques were to be applied

During ‘Black History Month’ Amazon Blocked Justice Clarence Thomas Documentary

the streaming platform removed the ability for subscribers to watch a documentary about conservative Justice Clarence Thomas

Prophetic Word: The Lord Says, ‘Don’t Quit, Remember Your History with Me’

Do you feel like quitting today? If so, the Lord gave me a word for you: “Don’t quit; remember Me instead. You’re on miracle territory

BREAKING: Trump Is Officially The 3rd President In U.S. History To Be Impeached By The House

But It Ain’t Over … “he’s not going anywhere”