Take on Big Tech Case Update: President Trump’s Legal Team Responds to Biden Administration’s Motions to Intervene in Big Tech Lawsuits


America First Policy Institute reports:

IMAGE VIA naturalnews.com

President Donald J. Trump’s legal team filed a response to President Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) Motion to Intervene in President Trump’s class-action lawsuits against big tech giants: Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. In all three Motions, the DOJ contends that the Court should avoid ruling on the constitutionality of Section 230, but if it must, then the Court should allow Big Tech to assert it and uphold its constitutionality.

In response, President Trump’s legal team argues Section 230 is unconstitutional if used to permit arbitrary discrimination on social media platforms. They also contend Section 230 does not exempt big tech from common law protections against unfair discrimination under the Communications Act of 1934.

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In addition to the Section 230 arguments, President Trump’s legal team argues that social media companies are “common carriers” or public accommodations under the law, much like railroads, hotels, and telephone companies — who are not allowed to discriminate. In fact, this connection has been made recently by Justice Clarence Thomas on the United States Supreme Court. This legal analysis will shed light on the flaws of Section 230’s misused and abused protections that come at the cost of Americans’ right to free speech.

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