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Really Joe … Crackpipes? … Is Biden Really Giving Out Crackpipes?


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Is Joe Biden really handing out crackpipes?

Really Joe … Crackpipes? … Is Biden Really Giving Out Crackpipes?

by Mike C. Goodwin | Contributing Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

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Joe Biden issued Executive Order 13985 on January 21, 2021. Entitled “Executive Order on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Throughout the Federal Government,” it aims to rectify inequities that impact marginalized communities. Normally, the passage of executive orders rarely causes too much of a stir (though recent exemptions range from the shockingly absurd to the brazenly unconstitutional.) However, because it’s 2022, so why not, the DHHS has seemingly answered this call to action by addressing a major problem facing: Low quality crack and meth pipes (dear God I wish I were joking.)

In a document released by the DHHS, the dispersal of certain funds aimed at “assisting” marginalized communities is detailed.

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First up, the reasonable: Infectious disease testing kits, medical disposal kits, wound care supplies, vaccination services (because vaccines are just beloved by all at this point,) and safe sex kits (no clue what these are, but I’m betting they are way more fun than the infectious disease kits.)

It’s the next entries that evidently got more than a few people just a tad grumpy: syringes to prevent the spread of diseases (heroin addiction spreading is fine?) harm reduction vending machines (“meet me by the Coke machine” means something different these days,) and the safe smoking kits/supplies (yup, a safe way to vaporize and inhale crack cocaine or crystal methamphetamine. Crystal meth, the stuff made with battery acid and antifreeze. Safe.)

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has issued a letter to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra demanding clarification on if this is the case, giving Becerra until March 1st. Others such as Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Tom Cotton (R-AR) have also criticized the apparent funding of illicit behavior as did U.S. Rep Lauren Boebert, (R-CO.)

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Online comments have ranged from denial to anger at the notion that the way to help marginalized communities is to provide them easier access to drug paraphernalia. This view was echoed by Sgt. Clyde Boatwright of the Maryland Fraternal Order of Police, who said funds should be used for prevention rather than enabling.

While an HHS spokesperson apparently called the initial reporting of the program “misinformation” they did not directly deny the funding. In fact, the funding is listed on the HHS document itself.

The fact checking site Snopes (not exactly non-partisan these days, but it is what it is,) has listed this as a “Mostly False” story, but only because it’s not the entire $30 million going to crack pipes. So yes, it is not literally Joe Biden pulling up in a semi-truck handing out crack pipes like Nino Brown with turkeys on Thanksgiving (much to Hunter’s chagrin,) but taxpayer funds are being spent on drug using equipment.

This is not the first time such measures have been taken, though past efforts have usually been implemented on a local level. San Francisco and Seattle at one point had such kits available (I know, I was shocked too,) but have distanced themselves from these projects as of late. The fear that such measures enable drug usage is largely known to be a reason.

Taxpayers were initially reluctant to fund past clean needle programs in many areas due to the notion of having their money forcibly taken and given to addicts. These programs though did have the rationale of halting (or at least slowing) the spread of bloodborne disease. Still, needle exchanges do not exactly enjoy high approval nationwide, and hardly were used as a winning issue by any political candidate. Attempts to use this rationale with pipes used to inhale crack cocaine or meth will likely not be taken very seriously by an already overburdened tax base.

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Especially when being enacted by an administration currently enjoying a 40% approval rating heading into midterm elections.

Are you kiddin’ me? Crackpipes Joe?

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