Google Should Not Be Meddling In Our Election Process


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Google Should Not Be Meddling In Our Election Process!

We’ve reported a lot on Big Tech Censorship, because we get hit by all forms of it quite often, and it’s not just Google & Youtube. It’s also Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and ALMOST EVERY NETWORK IN BETWEEN! If you have thought it’s a COORDINATED EFFORT … YOU’RE RIGHT!

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But if you think Facebook & Twitter are bad … think about the NSA-led Google who practically rules the internet, suppressing internet search results and more.

All the new social networks can pop up, but without a new governing search engine to take over (which hardly anyone is talking about), then Google will always be relied on. has been reporting on Google Censorship and Election Meddling all year:

Google and YouTube have now been fully exposed. And they just tried to DELETE the evidence. Too late. They are clearly in violation of the law. The next move is yours Mr. President.

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