BREAKING Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead? On Ice?


BREAKING Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead? On Ice?

by Curtis “Ray Biselliano” Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

85-year-old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was absent from her bench at the Supreme Court for the second day in a row Tuesday.


[I was just prophesying about her being DEAD the other day and then Q Anons confirmed, saying she was “ON ICE” the day after I prophesied that. Now this is MAJOR CONFIRMATION, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is no longer with us]

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Chief Justice Roberts said on Tuesday, that Ginsburg is “unable to be present” but will participate from home by using transcripts and court briefs.

Read more of this false narrative here!

& seek more of the truth … about how Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg actually DIED IN 2019 & WAS REPLACED WITH A BODY DOUBLE ALL THIS TIME

UPDATE September 2020: They finally came out with the truth and announced that she passed away to the public.

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