Twitter Does The “Unthinkable” … Deletes Thousands Of Profiles In Effort To “Combat Trolls”


Twitter Does The “Unthinkable” … Deletes THOUSANDS Of Profiles In Effort To “Combat Trolls”

by Curtis R Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

Screenshot - 5_12_2018 , 10_44_54 PM conspirador on twitter iceberg fake news

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It looks like this observer of The Mayflower named @Conspirator0 predicted right about the “Ice Berg Dead Ahead” … His account doesn’t have a scratch on it but many others, especially Red Pill Truthers and Trump / QAnon Supporters were affected this Wednesday.

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Can this be done when we live in America with something called Freedom of Speech? NO IT CAN’T. At least not legally, which is why we’re taking legal action. Myself (on several accounts including @TruCurtBizelli with over 106,000 Followers established over an 8-year period) have been SUSPENDED – Most for a 6-7 day ban, but mine PERMANENTLY!

Screenshot - 5_16_2018 , 3_53_27 PM error connection to twitter not loading

At first it appeared as if had BLOCKED MY IP ADDRESS! I was able to get around this later


@TruCurtBizelli with over 106k followers established over an 8-year period GONE IN ONE DAY – suspended WITH NO PRIOR WARNING OF VIOLATIONS! I wasn’t the only one.


Screenshot - 5_16_2018 , 5_45_56 PM trucurtbizelli twitter account suspended sent help message

Sent Appeal For @TruCurtBizelli after Suspension


Screenshot - 5_16_2018 , 8_23_14 PM its official twitter is being sued by trucurtbizelli suspended violations tos not being restored

LOST APPEAL @TruCurtBizelli – Suspended Permanently – Twitter said not to reply to them!


@Biselliano and @PoweredByTruth and @IAmCBiz got SUSPENDED as well.

Screenshot - 5_16_2018 , 6_04_17 PM biselliano twitter suspended blocking freedom of speech




In the name of “combatting trolls” … see I took part in a campaign which I’ve previously reported on called Operation Mayflower 2018 which I fully back and support.

Don’t get me wrong! We didn’t do anything wrong! Twitter DID! Which is why they are going to lose! We got banned for exposing elite pedophilia that is embedded deep within politics & hollywood. ? Everything!

op mayflower lilac memeRead About OP Mayflower 2018 Here!

You can NOW FOLLOW ME at @AlphaBizelliPR (at least for NOW)!

I won’t be taking part in anymore #OpMayflower2018 Twitter campaigns, but the fight is far from over.

@WhiteHouse tweeted an interesting tweet that is creating HOPE in the hearts of QAnon Patriots:

white house tweet may flowers bloom



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