The Strike Teams Are “Hitting The Elite” & People Are Taking Notice Of Operation Mayflower 2018

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The Strike Teams Are “Hitting Them” & People Are Taking Notice Of Operation Mayflower 2018

by Curtis R Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media



Operation Mayflower is an underground, grassroots movement that is very organized and the ship has been sailing for nearly two weeks now. Their main mission is to save the children from Human Sex Trafficking and bring down the evil, corrupt and satanic global cabal.

So far, they have hit Kanye West, Roseanne Barr, CNN, The Pope, John Kerry, General Flynn, Marina Abromic, John McCain, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and just LAST NIGHT THEY TOOK DOWN Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff.

Screenshot - 5_13_2018 , 1_08_46 AM opmayflower maxine waters tweet
PHOTO CREDIT: One of the target tweets for Saturday – SCREENSHOT /



I’ve been taking part in these missions since the ship first set sail and I began reporting over a week ago. I’m proud of my fellow soldiers and comrades on the ship.

Screenshot - 5_13_2018 , 1_10_51 AMd deplorabledeb schiff
PHOTO CREDIT: / Screenshot via @YourPalDeb


Screenshot - 5_13_2018 , 1_12_18 AM leah storie schiff
PHOTO CREDIT: / Screenshot via @Leah_Storie


via Twitter @RedDawnHolly


Here are some prolific users from Saturday night’s mission on Maxine and Adam:

Screenshot - 5_13_2018 , 1_14_06 AM hashtags opmayflower prolific users
Screenshot - 5_13_2018 , 1_16_36 AM opmayflower hashtags recent retweets


A list of the Prolific users:


I was listed as the most influential on Friday night for the attack on Clinton & Podesta! SUCH AN HONOR! Follow me at @TruCurtBizelli as well as @Biselliano.

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A Special Thanks to our leaders Cai and Nick. #WWG1WGA

People are taking NOTICE!!!

We do this by orchestrating in a FB group then hitting on Twitter via memes at an exact time each evening (changing daily). Upon first glance, one would think we were bots but we are in FACT real people gathered today for one purpose larger than ourselves!

One spectator that has been watching the movement from the waterways goes by Conspirador Norteno and here are some of his screenshots of the movement.

The “Iceberg Dead Ahead” concerns me … we’ll see what it means!

It appears The Mayflower tagged him in their latest strike and they are APPRECIATIVE of him taking notice … Not angry!

but he may have been angry!


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