World War THREE Has Begun – Its a Cyber War! Bye Marina – QAnon

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World War THREE Has Begun – Its a Cyber War! Bye Marina – QAnon

by Curtis R Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

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TWEET by @RhondaSc123



I’ve lost track of the days following this story. It has been one exciting adventure!!! #WWG1WGA

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I believe it began last week on about Wednesday when a group of Trump / QAnon supporting RED PILL TRUTHERS took to Twitter and RED PILLED Kanye West’s love tweet … then again on Thursday to one of Roseanne Barr’s tweets … then on Friday this group going under the codename #OpMayflower2018 went behind enemy lines and struck CNN. They dealt a mighty blow as you can see with our previous write-ups.

Everybody was talking about Operation Mayflower and asking “What is this Op Mayflower thing?”

It was amazing to be a part of this and its not over.

The strike teams dealt a heavy blow to The Pope and then John Kerry, but went directly up against SATAN HIMSELF MARINA ABRAMOVIC on Monday with over 35,500 tweets and counting; dropping truth blows over and over!


Screenshot - 5_7_2018 , 11_39_54 PM liz crokin opmayflower2018 tweet
TWEET by @LizCrokin



Don’t mistake this for what it isn’t folks. This group is very organized and on target.

Where will they strike next?

Screenshot - 5_7_2018 , 10_03_23 PM opmayflower2018 hashtags as the dust settles 1003pm central
#OpMayflower2018 Twitter Hashtag Trending at 10:03 pm CST




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